Carla Who?

My name is Carla Rolfe; a work-at-home wife, mother and grandmother. I'm a native of WA state, and currently reside in southern Ontario Canada.

Creating is my passion, but sometimes (okay, every day, on pretty much every subject) I have opinions about things.  Yep, I was that kid in school who's report card comments from the teachers always said: "good student, works hard, talks too much".

When people ask what I do for a living I say "I'm a graphic designer".  Most people have no idea what that means so I break it down in simpler terms: you know when you pick out that perfect birthday card, or amazing wedding invitation design?  I'm one of those artists that creates the artwork or the text layout on products like those. Have you ever seen that funny coffee mug that looks like a prescription bottle label?  Yep, I created that too.  Well, at least this personalized version (there have been many others created just like it, but this is the one folks love, according to the reviews!)