Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Inspired by Creation

If someone would have asked me three years ago what a Peony was, the only answer I would have would be "a flower".  I wouldn't know what color they are, what the bush looked like, how they smelled or what they even looked like. 

And then, we bought a house. We bought the house in January, it closed in May but we didn't move in until the end of June, so we really didn't know what the previous owners had growing in the flower beds in the back or front yards until the house closed and we started moving things in little by little. Much to my delight, I discovered all sorts of gorgeous flowers. Among them, a dark pink Peony bush and a pale pink one right next to it. The first time they bloomed and I saw how beautiful they are, and the first time I smelled them, I was in love. 

Over the last few weeks as I've been working in the back yard I've been watching and waiting for the blooms and they have finally arrived!  Well, the dark pink ones have. The pale pinks take a week or so longer, for some reason.   In any case, while waiting for them I was inspired to create a new wedding stationery collection featuring Peonies. I wanted to capture both the fine, intricate lines of the petals themselves as well as the watercolor look of the petals and keep it subtle and beautiful.  

Instead of using an actual photograph (like the one above) I decided to illustrate a single bloom in pure white, and make the background the watercolor texture illusion. I couldn't be happier with the way the design came out, and I decided to use a contrasting combination of fonts, keeping the bride and groom's name in a lovely, embellished script, and everything else in a traditional uppercase.  The end result is a soft, subtle contrast in color with the Peony theme and white font choice standing out.  All because the previous owners of our home planted beautiful flowers!