Friday, May 13, 2016

DIY Yard Project Day 9

Well, things are coming along pretty well!  Better than I expected, really. Here's how it looks since my last update:

Even though I've been calling the posts by "daily" updates (and they were at first) they're more general now because the daily hard work is actually done. Yay!  Here's what I've done in the last few days since the last update:

- Filled in all the sand I needed from the picnic table all the way to the fence under the lawn swing.
- Hung all the nylon solar lanterns around the chairs where they go
- Borrowed son-in-law's saw and cut the obnoxious branch over the fence at the back of the sand box and hung the lattice board on the fence (and it's been working like a charm for keeping the cats & dogs out of the sand box while it's not in use!)
- bought a new umbrella stand and popped the umbrella in the picnic table (and not a moment too soon, as I had to clean off birdy doo-doo from the freshly painted table before I put the umbrella up

Then I filled the hummingbird and oriole feeder and hung both of those.  It's a little early for those birds yet but the key is to have the feeders out before the birds migrate back into the area so that they see the bright colors and know your yard is a bird-friendly place!

Even though this has been a huge DIY for me, I have to give a monumental shout-out to two local companies that have helped make our back yard look the way we wanted it.

Flawless Fence and Deck for our super awesome new fence and Woodstock Tree and Stump Removal for their fast, friendly service, and awesome prices when it comes to removing unwanted trees, stumps and tree branches. Both companies impressed me with their professionalism, hard work, and dedication.  I'm old school, so these things matter to me.  I can't recommend these guys enough.  If you're local and you need stuff done, give Rob a call at Flawless, and Mike a call at Woodstock Tree Service.  We're looking forward to calling Rob and his crew back next summer to rip out our nasty old deck and replace it with Awesome Deck. :)

What's left now is more watering each day, adding some fertilizer in the next few days and then the first mow in about a week. There are a few patchy spots where it doesn't look like the seed germinated at all, so in a week or so I'll do some patch treatment with more seed & more topsoil. I considered doing an edging between the sand and the grass (similar to the sand box) but decided I wanted a more natural look, so I won't be doing a border.

And then... I'll be ready to tackle the front yard.  Not nearly as much work to be done out there though. Thankfully. :)