Monday, May 9, 2016

DIY Yard Project Day 8

Well, it's been over a week since I've been able to update since I literally took a week off this project while I tended to more pressing family matters.  The one thing I did keep up with however was the daily watering of the new seed, on days it didn't rain.

Today I was back at it!  Here's the way it's looking now, and what I've been able to accomplish:

1. I've hung all the solar lanterns on each fence post. Lanterns and hooks were both purchased from the dollar store. Not really for functional lighting but more for accent lighting, they're quite bright and look pretty awesome at night :)

2. Moved the compost bin to the back gate area.  We'll be composting again this spring/summer/fall to create some awesome topsoil for the yard for next year.

3. Picked up 4 super cute outdoor canvas throw pillows to give a little comfy pop of color to the lawn swing.

4. Painted the last Muskoka chair and re-painted the table top and bench tops of the seats on the picnic table.

I still have a lot left to do. More sand fill-in, shepherd's hooks for the green and blue solar lanterns that go around the chairs, new umbrella stand for the picnic table and pop the umbrella in there (it gets plenty of shade but the umbrella itself shield the table from birdy surprises), replace the firebowl and top up the bark along the fences.

The BEST news is, my seeding job is coming along exactly as I suspected.  I'm not sure if you can really see it well but about 90% of my seed germinated and is coming up quite nicely.  Because the dirt wasn't "scientifically" level :) it's natural for some of the seed to filter down to lower levels and not germinate. I'm quite pleased that those patchy spots are even less than I anticipated.  I'll wait for the first mow (in about 3-4 weeks) before I decide if I'll need to patch fill or not.  If I will need to do that, it'll be just a little seed and a little topsoil to fill in those areas.  It's been 2 weeks since I seeded, so I'll be fertilizing in another 2 weeks and likely mowing the back yard the first time about a week after that.

Where the old grass wasn't trampled by the fence work and buried under mud, it's already begging for a mow but it'll just have to wait.  Even more great news, my Peonies have defied the trampling and the mud and have both come back up as healthy as ever.  My butterfly bush didn't fare as well so I'll be replacing that very soon.

I'll update again a week from now and hopefully my "lush green lawn" will actually resemble one, at that point :)