Saturday, April 23, 2016

There's Always a Story Behind It

Quite frequently I'm asked where I get my ideas or my inspiration from, for the products I design for.  That's an easy question to answer because ideas and inspiration come from all over the place. From a pretty color combination I noticed somewhere, or a funny saying I've heard, or something as simple as a childhood memory of a birthday party.  I really never know where my next idea or inspiration will come from and that's exactly the case this past week.

I had one of those days.  We all have them from time to time.  One of those days where it seems like "if it can go wrong, it will".  All day long it seemed like everything went sideways.

It was raining, so working on our back yard project was out.  Then we had an appointment at the tax preparer's office which yielded some rather unpleasant news. The day just went downhill (or is that uphill? Either way, whichever is harder) from there. One thing after another right up until it was time to call it a night.  I kept looking for something good, something to redeem the day but it was just one of those days and it was tough finding anything because I was so distracted by all the things that went wrong.

And then I noticed a meme I'd shared on FB in one of those "see your memories" things that pops up in your feed. Just a simple little message from four years ago that said "what if you woke up today, with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?" Ironic the timing of such a thing popping up on my FB.  Except not ironic at all if you believe in the divine orchestration of the Lord to nudge you here and there and get your mind & heart back on track! I most definitely believe.

The next morning on twitter I noticed a couple of folks I follow there started their tweet-day the same way they often do: thanking the Lord for the day with an encouraging verse or uplifting message.  A very timely reminder indeed. One of those twitter users is Charlie Daniels (yep, that Charlie Daniels), and it's because of those kinds of tweets I followed him in the first place.

I closed my social media tabs and created what you see here. The first one I created is the one at the top in aqua blue and gray.  For no other reason than aqua blue is my favorite color and I was creating it just for myself. I just wanted something pretty to design that helped me focus on thanking the Lord for each and every day no matter how bad the day might be, and to remind me to seek His grace to handle those bad days without acting like a cave troll. Because let's face it, some days you want to act like a cave troll! It's not advisable, but it's sure tempting some times.

So after I created the design in my favorite colors, I changed the colors.
Then I changed them again and again.
I liked them all so I kept them all.

I decided to put them all on coffee mugs. But then I looked through all the product lines and thought "what items do we have that would be seen and used every single day that would encourage folks to be thankful for the day?"  I settled on a short list of really great products that fit that criteria and posted them at my Christian theme shop at zazzle

So that's how, sometimes, an inspiration goes from idea, to the mug you reach for every morning, or the clock you hang in your kitchen.  It's because I had a bad day and wanted to be a cave troll. I already have the key chain in my shopping cart but the compact mirrors are awesome (I have one) and I think I need one of those too. :)