Monday, April 4, 2016

Status Report: April 2016

I used to do these fun "this is where I am right now" posts that Phil Johnson used to tease people about.  I don't mind being teased about it.  I always enjoyed them as they're sort of like 6-8 blog posts condensed into one

SITTING: At my desk and thinking how much I'm looking forward to sitting on the patio in the warm sunshine. The older I get the more these old bones need warmth.

DRINKING: water. Filtered, reverse osmosis water from the water filter tap thingy we had installed in our kitchen sink. I got back into the habit of drinking lots of water a few months ago since I pretty much live off coffee.

LISTENING TO: the sound of my air purifier's fans humming along, sucking all the nasty little invisible air-gremlins out of my house.

GETTING: sort of frustrated with this "spring" weather we're having that is delaying the start of our new fences being put in. But...

FEELING: excited to have that finally be done.  Who gets excited about fences?  Well, I do. Right now all we have between both houses on either side is a chain link fence.  That's good for keeping the dogs where they belong, but not so great for privacy (for us or for the neighbors).  On any given summer day we might have upwards of 15 people in the back yard for a birthday barbeque, or just because, and those gatherings usually include a LOT of laughing and talking and often end up with many parked around the fire bowl, playing music, singing, dancing, more laughing and s'mores.  So yeah, we're kind of an annoying bunch, lol.  Privacy is a good thing.

WONDERING: Why any rational, logical, considerate person could ever, even for one moment, consider being on board with supporting Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nominee. There have been SO many things pointed out about his character, his morals, his waffling positions on this or that, that one would think "no sane person is going to support him".  And yet, plenty of sane people do.  And it makes me wonder if it's not time to revisit the definition of "sane".

HOPING: that whoever our next president is (and yes, I say "our" because even though I live in Canada I'm still an American citizen), it's someone that genuinely and humbly respects the office and the American people.  We've had neither for the last 7 years.  Americans are weary and want genuine change, for the better. But also keeping in mind, God is still in control.

MAKING: a couple of a big changes in business. One to make life easier, and the other to offer more options for potential customers.  The first change is, I'm closing down my cafepress shop.  You can read more about that here. The second change is, still a project in the works but essentially I'll be offering digital files for my event invitations for those who prefer that format over the printed version.

That's about it for now. :)