Friday, April 29, 2016

DIY Yard Project Day 7

Well, the hardest work is finally done.  Yay!!  I know it still looks sort of dumpy but there is plenty left to do.  What's done though, is the tilling, seeding and topdressing.  Most of the sand is in place and most of the recycled bark along the fence.  I decided not to hang the lattice behind the lawn swing.  It looked nice there, but I decided a much better use for it was a "not in use" cover for the kid's sand box.  Perfect solution to keeping the dogs & cats out, but still letting the sun & wind get to the sand to keep it nice and dry. When it's in use, we'll just hang in the fence behind the sand box.

What's left to do:

Fill in the rest of the sand
Fill in the rest of the bark
Re-paint the picnic table
Paint that last chair
Hang the solar lanterns on each fence post

And... possibly replace the fire bowl.  I really love this one here at WalMart.  It's very similar to the first one we ever had that was destroyed by a falling tree in a horrible ice storm, just two months before we moved into this house.  When we went shopping for the one we bought to replace it, our budget was extremely tight, so we opted for the less pretty one with a lower price tag.  It has served us quite well for 3 summers now but it's looking pretty beat up these days.

I still haven't decided where the cute little bridge our son-in-law built for us will go.  It was custom built to fit across our pond at the old place but since we don't have a pond anymore (yet?), it's just been sort of sitting at the edge of the yard. I'm still tempted to put in a pond because I really miss having that running water sound & loads of birds in the yard :)

If I do decide to be over-zealous about yet another project, it'll be a small pond like this one here. Deep enough to build up birdy landings with slate & stone yet not so big it takes up more space in the yard. Pond forms are 100 times better than pond liner kits (we've done both before) and we already have a really great pump for it.  Just a matter of digging a hole and dropping it in! Voila, itty bitty back yard pond.