Tuesday, April 19, 2016

DIY Yard Project Day 2

Well, day 2 didn't quite see as much work in the back yard as day 1, but that's mostly because I was still pretty sore from the tilling.  I did get the sand box done and I'm pretty happy about that. My measurements were a little off when I put in the edging for the sand but it's okay since the section where I came up short is covered by a board anyway.

Traditionally, sand boxes are supposed to be much deeper than this one is.  I think this is a rule set in stone somewhere by the Sand Box Commission of the Universe, or something.  I however, am a rebel, and don't follow the rules.  I've built a sand box before and it wasn't even as deep as this one is, and all the little kids loved it just fine.  This one is about 3 inches deep. Eight to twelve inches deep is more the "ideal", but that requires much more work. And more sand. And more money. This size and depth works really well for little kids who just want to play in sand & don't care if they can't bury their little brother in it.

The location I chose for this, under the tree and next to the fence is perfect.  1. Natural shade for sunny days when the kids want to play outside but you don't want them to get too much sun. (This location is where the lawn swing used to be, and it's a great spot for shade) and 2. Because it only comes out 4 feet it doesn't really stick out into the main yard.

Materials for this project were pretty basic

6 sections of garden edging
2 strips of weed cloth
10 lawn staples (round tops and they hold the weed cloth neatly in place)
10 bags of play sand
A new bag of sand toys - to add to the giant bucket we already had :)

Tomorrow's project will be running more weed cloth all along all three fences then topping it with recycled bark.  Pretty, neat and tidy, keeps the weeds out and eliminates mowing right up to the fence.  I'll be getting my bark from the local yard waste recycling depot. They run all the tree limbs and branches through a chipper and shoot it out onto this gigantic mountain of bark :)  It's all free, and all you have to do is show up with your containers and shovel it in.  It might take a few trips to get as much as I need, but that's okay too. Have bins - will travel!