Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Are they in Heaven now?

Several years ago a non-Christian friend of mine called me, very angry, with some really serious questions.  She had just come home from a funeral of a relative of hers.  Some member of the family had made arrangements for a "Christian" pastor to speak at the relative's funeral. I use quotations there because I don't know who the pastor was, but his message at the funeral left me questioning if the man knew anything about Christianity at all.

She was angry, because she relayed to me how she thought the pastor lied to everyone there.  He repeatedly told the family this man was in Heaven now, in a much better place, with relatives that had preceded him in death, etc. She told me the whole time he was speaking, every time he said such things, the more angry she became and had to bite her tongue. She didn't know a lot about Christianity but she did know enough to believe the only people that actually go to Heaven, are Christians. She went on to tell me about this deceased family member's lifestyle and how he was into this, that, the other, and several other things that are not indicative of a Christian's lifestyle in any way. Despite all this, he was family and he was loved, and she was grieving.  Then she wanted to know some things: