Friday, November 13, 2015

My Red Cup Can Beat Up Your Red Cup


By now you've almost certainly heard about the Starbucks Red Cup Controversy or at the very least seen the hashtags #redcup #itsjustacup or other variations with the words cup, red, Starbucks and Christmas.  Some have clicked, some have laughed, some don't care and others even thought it was an Onion parody article.  I confess, I actually did think it was parody at first.

Yes, a cup controversy, if you can believe that. If you haven't heard about it, consider yourself blessed. In any case, here's a good explanation of what the kerfuffle is all about.

Here's the interesting thing...

While I am a designer, I'm also a Christian.  What that means is, the vast majority of my social networking feeds have Christians on them.  Christians expressing opinions about pretty much everything under the sun.  Guess how many of my Christian fiends, fellow designers and acquaintances have voiced their pearl-clutching fears about the #redcup? Exactly ZERO.  Yes, you read that correctly: none. In fact, I had to click a few links to see what the big deal was when I first started hearing about it from non-Christians.  I mean, if we (Christians) are supposed to be all woe is me, I figured I needed to know what I was supposed to be woeful over!  So I read and thought... really?  REALLY??  With all that's going on in our world, from social injustice to homelessness, terrorism, crimes against humanity, governmental corruption (shall I go on?), this is the thing a handful of folks have their bloomers in a knot over?

I confess, I don't drink Starbucks, so maybe the reason I never heard about how outraged I was supposed to be was because I'm not in the Christian Starbucks Fan club. It's possible. It's also possible I didn't hear about it first hand from fellow Christians because... it's just stupid, and the folks I associate with don't care about it?  I'm going with the latter.

In any case, I decided to have some fun with it because, well, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! In our family, we celebrate both the birth of Christ (even though we know He wasn't actually born on 12/25) and the combined family traditions of my husband's childhood, my own, and some new ones we've created along the way. I love everything about Christmas: food, family, decorations, lights, exchanging gifts, music, classic movies, designing for a wide variety of Christmas items, etc.  I know a lot of folks have a problem with seeing Christmas displays in retail stores before Halloween is even over but to be honest, when I see the boxes of wrapping paper and stockings and lights, I start to kind of feel like... a little kid at, well, CHRISTMAS!

Frankly, I don't care what Starbucks has or doesn't have on their cups.  Mine are prettier anyway. :) And they'll last for years and years. So if you're in the mood for a pretty RED Christmas cup, see the links above. And have yourself a very, Merry Christmas.