Friday, August 21, 2015

Back to School Clothes Scandal, Anyone?

(With "back to school" just around the corner - and already in session in some places - and it still being summer weather in most areas where boys and girls want to dress comfortably for the weather - I thought it was timely to share this)

I saw this on FB earlier today and it reminded me of all the media attention local high school students generated this past school year over this issue.

Opinions were all over the place on this, from it being too harsh, too lax, students dressing too "trashy" or perfectly fine, but too "trashy" for the school administrators.

In some of the cases I saw in the media, the girls were in fact dressed 100% inappropriate for school (in my opinion as a mom with 6 daughters).  In others, the girls were dressed no different than my own 16 year old. While I don't insist my girls head off to school dressed in flour sack dresses, I don't let them leave the house looking all "hey boys, check out the goods!".  Not that any of them would anyway, that's just not their style. Thankfully.

The thing that really got me though was seeing it all taken to a level it had no place going.  In many cases, school staff were themselves "shamed" for doing their best to encourage all students to adhere to a certain dress code that wasn't distracting to other students (and staff).

So when I saw this on FB today I decided to create my own version, based on 32 years of
a.) hating fashion choices moms have to deal with when shopping for cute, trendy clothes for girls,
b.) my own opinion of what is appropriate and what isn't and
c.) encouraging teachers and staff to STAND UP for doing what's right and being an awesome role model that pushes kids towards developing their BEST qualities, and not flashing the flesh.

Your mileage may vary, but here's MY version:

Honestly, it's time for adults to be adults again and stop caving into PC'ness.  Kids NEED strong adults in their lives pointing them in a GOOD direction, despite all the nonsense out there telling us we shouldn't do this or say that.