Sunday, November 2, 2014

Women are Watching? GOD is watching...

Earlier this evening while scrolling through my twitter feed I saw this image of a t-shirt design.  So, I clicked because tees are sort of my thing.  This is what I saw. I don't know every last detail of the back story on this but it's essentially a tee design from a loud-mouthed pro-abortion celebrity backing a pro-abortion industry. That's really all I needed to know. If you need to know more details, you can read about Lena Dunham and Planned Parenthood here.

So allow me to explain why I'm blogging this.

A.) It infuriates me that this message of "kill your baby, it's totally okay" has become so mainstream.  Really, folks have gone to great lengths to whitewash this but that is in fact, the root message.  It's a baby.  Abortion kills it.  It's NOT okay.

B.) I'm a designer, and designing eye-catching designs is what I do, so that's what I did to counter the message on this nasty, pro-abortion tee.

Now allow me to explain, briefly, what this message says.

• It says all life is precious, and every human being is created in the image of God, to be treasured and protected. At all costs.  Even at the cost of the mother's convenience or lifestyle.

• It says LOVE is a verb. Not a fleeting, subjective feeling.  It doesn't matter if that baby was planned or not, choosing to make the sacrifice needed of your personal self (and your figure, career, lifestyle, finances, living arrangements, etc.) shows you put that baby's life above your own comfort and convenience.

As a mother of seven beautiful people (none of which were "planned") and four beautiful grand-people, I know first hand how difficult it is to wrestle with the "oh no, we didn't plan for this, what are we going to do!?" difficulty.  I know it multiple times over and I know it's NOT easy to put your selfish feelings aside and consider what is best, what is right, what is good and what glorifies God.  Is it easy to accept and embrace an unplanned pregnancy?  No, no it's not, especially for those who are unmarried and completely unprepared but even for those who are married, stable and perfectly able to care for a new baby but also completely unprepared for this news.  However, God does honor those honor Him, and He does provide for those who trust in Him, and He does comfort those who bring their doubts and pain struggles to Him.  You remove God from the equation and you will be left with what modern culture is screaming at you: kill your baby, it's totally okay.

You add Him back to the equation and you will find hope, support, comfort, peace and encouragement, not matter how hard it gets.  I've BEEN there, I know.  I've been on my knees at the side of my bed, weeping to the Lord and asking for guidance, wisdom, and peace.  He was always faithful to provide exactly what I asked.  ALWAYS.

I don't talk about this subject much online only because I've already gone through that stage of "hey, let's argue the abortion issue online!"  idea and have seen the kinds of arguments used on both sides that never result in anything tangible...  back in the 90's when I first become active online.  I've since read those same arguments & commentary and seriously, nothing has changed except, more people being brainwashed into thinking it's "totally okay".

For those who know me, it's clear: I'm a Christian and I believe in 100% pro-life in any situation and regardless of the circumstances. Period.  It doesn't mean it's easy or all rainbows and puppies and sunshine, but it does mean there is a living, breathing, thriving baby that was created in the image of God, by His hand and for His glory.

So this is my contribution to the pro-life message of today.  I don't have any outspoken celebrity models to show you (yet?) wearing this design, but there it is, all the same.  Simply click the image if you'd like to support this message and order one for yourself.

To God be the Glory.