Thursday, October 2, 2014

Time to Rant

Every time there is a news item about a female student being taken advantage of sexually by her male teacher, the comments and reaction is always the same:

Pervert, pedophile, string him up, castrate him, etc. so forth and so on.  Both men and women will comment and say the same exact thing. EVERY single time.

By stark contrast, whenever there is a news item about a male student being sexually seduced by a female teacher, the comments and reaction are vastly different.  While some men and most women react the same as if it were a female student, there are always the same, identical comments from men:

He had the time of his life, where were these hot teachers when I was in school, sucks to be him, etc. so forth and so on.

I think they think they're funny.  Problem is, the only ones laughing are them, and the other "men" commenting and saying the same thing.

For those men, I have a few things to say:

1. You're a pig.
2. You're a pig.
3. In answer to your question "where were these hot teachers when I was in school?"

Thankfully, for the most part, those teachers were keeping their hands to themselves and taking their authority over you as a student, seriously.  They were professionals who genuinely cared more about teaching than ever breaking the law with an underage boy.  Not to mention violation of trust, breach of position as an adult, etc.  So where were they?  They were following a code of ethics and morals and not exploiting you like a classic pedophile.

For those of you who think he "had the time of his life" I wonder if you'll still feel the same way when this boy, (who has had it demonstrated for him by a "responsible adult" that casual sex is just a cheap thrill, with no responsibility, or accountability and the law doesn't matter) comes around to date your daughter?  Is it still going to be funny then?  What if your daughter says NO to this boy?  You've already given him (and the adults) your stamp of approval as they broke the law, so... is it okay for him to break the law with your daughter?  Be careful how you deal with this one, because you've already admitted how funny you think it is.  Is it still going to be funny when you're sitting in the waiting room while the medical staff is administering a rape kit to your precious baby girl because some teenage boy thought it would be okay to do whatever he wanted and break the law by forcing himself on her when she said no?  How funny will it be when this teenage boy becomes an adult and has his mind so twisted from this violation of trust, that he himself becomes a serial rapist (yes, rapists almost always have a sexually abusive background - and a damaged, warped view of what sex and intimacy is) and decides to rape your wife one night as she leaves work?

Will you still be laughing and wishing those teachers were around when you were a boy? 

Thankfully, the vast majority of teachers then (and now) do find it reprehensible when something like this happens.  Thankfully, most parents also view it the same way.  As the mother of a teenage boy, I have no qualms admitting that if an adult woman took advantage of my son this way, I'd want to rip her head clean off, exactly the same way I'd feel if an adult male teacher did the same to any of my six daughters.

There. Rant over.  Carry on.