Thursday, January 23, 2014

ActiFry Wings

So, the awesome kitchen appliance known as the T-Fal ActiFry has been on the market for a while, but it's brand new to me, as I just got one for Christmas 2013 from my fabulous husband.  Until today I've only used it once to make french fries, and that was pretty fantastic.

Recently though, I was introduced to buffalo chicken wings, and then learned you can also make these in the ActiFry. I know that sounds weird but the fact is, I'm a pretty creepy food-snob and never eat anything that seems like a waste of time.  "Wings" always seemed like a waste of time.  Oh... how wrong I was.  I tasted them and immediate fell in love.  Chicken Love, Sauce Love, Crispy Love.

So, I decided I needed to make these fabulous little gems myself, and make my own sauce as well.  I scoured the internet for recipes and put hubby in charge of finding the perfect sauce recipe.  He's a brilliant cook and knows what we all love, so I had 100% confidence in him.

T-Fal ActiFry Buffalo Chicken Wings, baked onion rings & garlic stuffed green olives

Here's what we came up with:


For chicken wings in the ActiFry I added:

5 whole garlic cloves
14 wings
liberal amounts of salt (we use No Salt) and pepper)
1 T. of oil

I turned it on for 30 minutes and boom.  Perfectly crispy and all the fat was rendered from the skin and floating in the bottom of the pan.

I had a large pack of wings so I did two batches of these.  After each batch I used tongs to remove them from the pan and tossed them into a covered casserole dish.  I left the garlic in the pan after the 1st batch, added 5 more cloves to the next batch but did not add any extra oil.


While the 2nd batch was cooking in the ActiFry I made the sauce and put the onion rings in the oven.  Yeah, I'm kind of an onion ring junkie but I do *not* have them deep fried since that sort of defeats the whole purpose of me tossing my deep fryer out a year ago and only eating baked foods instead of fried.

Here's the awesomesauce:

1.5 cups of hot pepper sauce (I used half Frank's Red Hot original and half Frank's Buffalo Wing, I wasn't sure which would be better so I used both. Yay!)
1/2 c. unsalted butter
1.5 T white vinegar
1 t. worchestershireireireire (admit it, no one pronounces it the same way) sauce

All you do here is put everything into a sauce pan and turn the burner on low until the butter melts into the sauce.  Once that's done, whisk it up real good, take it off the burner and cover it until your wings are done.

Once all the wings were done in the ActiFry, I placed them into a HUGE bowl, dumped the sauce on and tossed them to make sure they were all covered completely.  Then, I placed them all in a casserole dish for serving.

There was A LOT of sauce leftover, and at first that seemed like a waste, but it turned out it was used to dip the onion rings, bread, and at least a few fingers.  The sauce is THAT good.


1. The T-Fal ActiFry is pretty darn amazing.  Deep fried taste without the deep fried oil, fat, calories, etc.
2. Chicken wings come out outrageously crispy and wonderful.
3. Clean up is super easy since all the parts that come into contact with food & oil easily detach and are dishwasher safer.  So, the next time you use it, unlike a traditional deep fryer, it's 100% clean.  I really like that part.
4. Hubby is Canadian and pretty much cut his teeth on Buffalo wings and simply could not get enough of these.  All the kids who were home for dinner tonight RAVED about them.  There may or may not have been a sword fight over the last 3 in the dish.  I know I love/love/loved them. *DISCLAIMER: the swords are  3 inch long plastic skewers. No blades were actually engaged in the final Wing Battle of 2014.

Seriously, these were so good, ALL the kids and hubby too, requested "Wings, The Sequel" for dinner again tomorrow night.  I'm totally on board with that.

Next time though, I'm going to try the lemon pepper wings that I found a recipe for.  Rumor has it, lemon pepper wings cause you to write poems & love songs.  I'm okay with finding out why.