Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Here I Stand - Just to be Crystal Clear

In the last few weeks there have been what seems like an onslaught of news items and comments about things in social media on social issue-type things that have made me want to blog more than once on each of them. Honestly, the comments I've read have made me want to go into full-on rant mode and verbally annihilate the most outlandish, stupid, illogical views but to say that out loud makes me a meanie and intolerant and all that junk we keep reading about. So, to keep it a little more concise, I'll just list them as I think of them and let you all know where I stand on them.  Your mileage will definitely vary since a.) I'm old (49 at the end of the year), and think like an old person, b.) I think most people are too stinking self-absorbed and just need to seriously shut up, go home  and get over themselves and c.) I'm a Christian and therefore all my opinions are 1.utterly invalid, no questions asked 2. antiquated (see a. "old person) and 3. prudish, Victorian and some other stupid label that someone came up with to make themselves feel all puffed up/modern/progressive). I'm sure I'll have more opportunity down the road to expand this list but for now, this is what we have...  so here we go:

(and these are in no particular order really, just off the top of my head - oh - and there will be grammatical errors because I'm not an English major or grammar cop, for the most part)


Bullying is wrong, wicked, cruel, mean, ugly, malicious and vile.  I hate it as much as anyone else hates it and wish it didn't exist in our culture. Bullying in 2013 has taken on a new face, in that it's a 24/7 issue as a result of social media and the result can FAR TOO OFTEN be fatal, terminal, and forever. In my day, this kind of garbage stopped when you left the school yard but that's totally different now, as we all know.  That in and of itself, breaks my heart for the kids who feel like there's no escape from it.  That being said, PLEASE, let's stop labeling every minor disagreement, varying opinion or culture clash as bullying - because all that does is water down what real harassment, intimidation and bullying is.  Stop using "bullying" as a buzzword to further the agenda of whatever issue you're on about.  It's not accurate and it's not fair to those who are genuine victims of this garbage.


Oh man.  There aren't enough words, or enough hours in the day for me to take this topic on.  Men who exploit women for financial and sexual satisfaction, women who exploit themselves for financial and emotional satisfaction and women who are so so so blind as to believe they're actually somehow "empowered" whenever they flash their girl-bits out there for all the world to see. Yes Miley, and all the other girls/young ladies out there, I'm talking to you, directly. The irrational and illogical and just plain insanity of that idea is like declaring the sky is green and the grass is blue and genuinely believing it, ALL THE WHILE, the very same people (sinful men who would just as soon bed you and walk away without ever once considering you as a thinking, feeling, rational human being) that you are trying to sway to your way of thinking are just laughing at you while getting turned on at your stupid choices to take off your clothes and show yourself.  YES, they're laughing at you.  You're feeding their depravity and they love it, and want more.  You're also serving up a feast to the rape-culture.  Think about that for a minute. Or more.


Matt Walsh nailed it this week in his post about why your kid might be a "lazy wuss"  Not exactly the words I'd use but he exposed the insanity for what it is.  You can't whine and moan about how schools are not letting your kids do this, that and the other and then have a royal conniption fit when your kid gets hurt on the playground and file a lawsuit against the school district.  You cannot tie the school's hands then moan and groan because their hands are tied!  Ugh...

Okay, that's all I've got for now.  No question about it, I'll have more later because lately, I find myself getting more and more ticked off at all kinds of stupidity, immorality and blithering illogical ridiculousness.

If I've touched on anything you'd like to discuss further, I'm totally open to that.  Leave me a comment and let's talk about it.