Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Status Report: June

Sitting... at my desk in the game room, for the very last time as it relates to typing out my monthly status report.  Next month, assuming I remember to post a July Status Report, I will be in our new house, sitting in a new place.

Feeling... super anxious in all the good ways.

Wishing... schools would not jam-pack all sorts of field trips and events into the month of June.  I don't know why they do this but they certainly don't take into consideration families with more than 1 kid.  In the last couple of weeks I've had upwards of 10 different field trip permission forms to fill out.  $5.00 for this one, $11.00 for that one, $4.00 for the other one, and on it goes.  Of course I don't have to give permission and pay for every single field trip but... I do, because I don't want the kids to miss out.  It's just ridiculously expensive planning for these June things.  It would be so much more manageable if the schools would stagger them throughout the year instead of stuffing them all into June.

Looking forward to... the feel of the new house/neighborhood.  For the first time yesterday, I went to the house by myself to move a van-load of items.  I parked, got out of the van and the quietness, the peacefulness of the neighborhood immediately struck me.  All I could hear were birds chirping, and lots of them.  Our new house is only two streets over from a grade school so when recess lets out, the sound of birds is mixed with the sound of squealing, giggling children.  Honestly, I don't know if there is a more pleasant sound-blend than kid-giggles and song birds singing.  I guess we could toss a bagpipe in there and it would be perfect.

Excited about... cupboards and counters.  I know, who gets excited about such a thing? ME!  In our current house, everyone is struck by how big the kitchen is in this ancient farm house.  What they don't have to try and deal with, is that in this kitchen there is 1 small counter (and 1 electrical outlet) and 1 food cupboard.  That's it.  I guess that was enough for busy moms preparing meals in the late 1880's when the house was built.  We've had to purchase 3 pantries, and 4 shelving units just to hold all the normal stuffs that go in kitchens.  In the new house, there's a huge counter, and tons of cupboard space for everything to go where it's supposed to go.  Yes, I'm excited about a neat and tidy kitchen!

Wishing (part 2)... someone would have told me about "hidden" costs when buying a home.  I mean, someone might have actually said something in passing about it, but I really wish someone would have sat me down and said "okay look, there's the down payment, PLUS there will be all these other costs that you need to budget for" and then listed them off one by one.  That would have been super-duper-awesomely helpful.  I probably should dedicate an entire post, all it's own, just to detail it out for someone else.

A little surprised by... the fact that June 2013 marks the 9th year I've had this blog.  Nine years of blogging.  I think I've probably said everything I ever wanted to in that nine years, and probably said some of those things more than once.

Well, that's about all I have for today.  I have a load of stuff that needs to go to the van so I'll sign off, and wish you a super-fantastic day!


  1. New house, cabinets, counters--it's all so exciting! And your June sounds like our May in its craziness.

    1. Lisa, don't tell anyone but, when I went to the house today to take a load of stuffs, I just stood in the kitchen and smiled at my cupboards and counters. It's true what they say, you never really appreciate what you have (as much as you should) until you no longer have it. We had to move 11 years ago from a very modern townhouse (the owners had to sell it) to move to the country, and it was a pretty big lifestyle adjustment.

  2. I'm so excited that you are getting a new house! I bet you'll find the winters easier to take there, too.

    1. We're very excited too Rebecca. The first time we saw the house it was winter time but a very pleasant day. The second time it was brutally cold and snowy but you'd never know it, inside the house. A completely different feeling than what we're used to.


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