Monday, May 27, 2013

Ethics 101: Monsters Among Us

We live in a sick and twisted and sometimes horrific world.  I think we all know that.  I also think that we do our best to make it an awesome place for our kids, and ourselves, despite what's really going on all around us.  The crimes and the exploitation and victimization that happen outside the four walls of our homes (and schools) we talk about but we keep outside and try to keep our own homes happy, peaceful, safe refuges from "that" stuff out there so our kids feel safe and protected.  We're parents, it's just what we do because we love our kids.

I'd like to bring your attention to one of these horrific things today by asking you to read THIS and then THIS and then THIS  In that order.  The first article is from the newspaper, the second from a local radio station and the third is their FB post today on the same case.  To summarize:

"The Thames Valley District School Board is defending an elementary school principal whose husband was convicted of child-porn possession, amid demands from parents to reverse a decision to transfer her. Linda Carswell has served as principal at Woodland Heights since 2007 and is now being moved to Stoney Creek."

Many people are voicing their opinion on this. I've even commented at the latter two links  Some are defending the teacher, saying she shouldn't be held accountable for her husband's actions. Some are outraged they never knew anything about it, or that she's coming to their school in the fall.  Some are saying they've seen or been told this woman's husband visits her current grade school on a regular basis.  I read the news and listen to news radio every single day and I never even heard about it until today on a morning news show.

I want to know what you think.  If your child attended the school where this woman was the principle (and please, read the links first to get a better background), would you be the least bit concerned?