Saturday, August 4, 2012

Here's Your Sign

It's been said that artistic, creative people are a bit "different" than non-artistic people. Sometimes we're jokingly referred to as a bit "wacky" but it's true enough that we are different and one of those differences is the way we see things.  For example, non-artistic people see something like an advertisement and usually don't give the material a second thought.  They either like it, dislike it, or don't care one way or another.  An artistic person on the other hand views the same exact material and their brain-gears start churning away in categories of questions such as "would I have used that color?" "the font is nice but it's off center" "this element works well, I would have used that too".  We look at the material as if we created it ourselves, or how we would have created it, if it were our project. I don't really know why we do that, but almost all of us do, myself included.

When I was a little kid, riding along in the car with my family I'd see roadside stands (especially in the summer months) for pretty much anything you can think of: fresh produce, lemonade, pumpkins, watermelons, raspberries, etc.  I still see those same kinds of stands where I live now and to this very day, whenever I see the sign for the roadside stand I'm either impressed or I cringe.  It's either a really well done sign or one of those hand painted ones.  I've always looked at those signs and thought "I should make a sign for those people" (for the ones that make me cringe).  I mean, the whole point of an advertising sign is to make it eye-catching, appealing, and to draw those drivers right off the road and turn into your stand and buy your goodies, right?

Well, I finally have my chance to say "here's your sign"!  Zazzle has recently partnered with Speedy Signs and given us designers a great new product (in 3 different size options) with the 4mm thick corrugated plastic, weather resistant lawn/yard signs! Let me just say, I'm having a blast designing for these signs.  It's a brand new line so there isn't a huge selection yet, but here's a sampling of what's in store (you can see them all by simply clicking here):

Red Carpet Sweet 16 Personalized Birthday Yard Signs
Red Carpet Sweet 16 Personalized Birthday Yard Signs by reflections06


And finally, my favorite category so far... ROADSIDE STANDS
Local Fresh Sweet Corn Lawn Sign
Local Fresh Sweet Corn Lawn Sign by reflections06

There will be many more categories and selections within each category coming soon and yes, I do custom signs as well.  If you have a business or a special event coming up (birthday, new baby, retirement, engagement party, craft show, etc.) and you'd like a custom sign, drop me an email and I'd be happy to work with you to create the perfect sign!