Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Few Things to Share

It just dawned on me today that I never wrote a blog post to commemorate my 8 year anniversary of blogging.  Well, let me take that back.  I did actually write one but it was all in my head and never made it through my fingers and onto my keyboard.  I write a lot of those kinds of posts these days, usually while driving to the store, or doing a chore around the house.

So June 2012 marked the 8 year point for this blog.  In some ways that seems very odd.  I mean, what can one person possibly have to say for 8 years?  Judging by the massive drop in readership, I'm going to guess what this one person has to say has become... not very exciting.  I'm not even sure it ever was exciting, but my lack of blogging certainly had a large part to do with the loss of readers & interaction, I'm sure.  I'll be totally honest and say I miss that. I miss the dialog, the good points folks would raise, the questions, the exchange of ideas, support and encouragement.  I miss it all and yet, I just don't have time to invest in blogging the way I used to.  Working full time on my design business wasn't really something we planned, but  once we decided we were buying a house it became something I needed to do.  The harder I work on that, the faster we can get where we want to be, so that's what I do these days.  Lots of trade-offs going on there.

So while this isn't really a 'status update' like I often post, it's sort of one, and sort of just a 'here's some stuff I'm thinking about' list.  Maybe it's stuff you're thinking about too.


I read a news article the other day that assured me our modern culture is in fact swimming in the sewer. Apparently there's a movie about to be made about a sex addict and the scenes in the movie will not be acted out, but genuinely performed (then edited for whatever legal purposes they have to do that).  Now from where I sit, this is nothing more than pornography with a Hollywood stamp of approval.  Color me disgusted on that one.
In other entertainment news, our family watched The Hunger Games the other night.  Despite the plot, which was horrible (just the idea of sending a child tribute to fight to the death is creepy enough) I think it was a really well written story.  The actress that plays Katniss did a superb job, as did the actor who plays the boy from her same district.  Woody Harrelson (who tends to drift over to the creepy side quite often) actually did a pretty good job too.  The one thing that really bugged me about it - and this is completely dumb - is that the fashion trends in the Capitol reminded me of the party goers in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hideous.


Summer is quickly coming to a close and I'm already beginning to miss it like you miss your best friend moving away.  The thing is though, I absolutely love fall.  Correction, I LOVE fall.  I love the colors, the smells, the foods, the feeling you get when you see/smell the first wood smoke from a fireplace - I love all of it.  The thing I don't love about it is that it means Old Man Winter is coming quickly behind it.  Old Man Winter is like the monster under your bed when you're a little kid that turns you into a Olympic Gold Medal Long Jumper because you've mastered the craft of leaping from your doorway all the way to your bed without ever going near the edge of the bed where his vile, pointy, ice-cold talons can reach out and grab you.  Too bad we can't just jump from the end of fall to the beginning of spring like that.


There's a new group-blog coming to town that I'm looking forward to.  It's called Out of the Ordinary and is a collaborate effort of several ladies I'm already familiar with.  Bookmark it and check it out when the debut post goes up in two weeks - I think you'll be richly blessed there.

Well, that's pretty much all I've got today.  Thanks for coming by :-)