Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Great Big Thank You Post

As most who know me already know, we just returned home from a fantastic two week vacation in Florida.  The weird thing is, just typing that seems as surreal as the vacation itself was, but in a really awesome sort of surreal way.  Pretty much the whole way down there, the whole time there and the whole way back Kev and I were in "pinch me I'm dreaming" mode.  I have a lot of people to thank for this trip so here's my list:

First, I need to thank God.  Due completely to His blessings we were able to make this trip in the first place.  Not only did He provide the means, He gave us safe and enjoyable tavels, fabulous weather and experiences that we'll all cherish for a lifetime.

Next, are all my customers from Reflections at zazzle. Over the last couple of years (as blogging decreased and working hard on my shops increased) I've managed to create some really popular designs & products and my shops are a success.  I'm often in "pinch me" mode when it comes to this but I want to thank my customers who love my shops and have enabled us as a family to have this second income and do things like this.

I'd like to thank Steve and Cindy Camp (and their great kids Joe, Marshall, Caroline (and E, so great to meet you too!) and Jordan) who were not only wonderful hosts but made us feel at home, made us laugh, and made us wish we could stay forever. Hanging out at the Camp house, going to the beach, out to dinner, watching and listening to Cindy play her violin (and Steve and the kid's emergency side trip to the ice cream shop) was just so much fun!  I'd also like to thank Steve for his spot on sermon on Sunday while we visited The Cross Church, and the family at the church (Les, Samantha, Miss Joyce and Jerry, just to name a few - I'd name more but so many came up and introduced themselves I have forgotten all the names!) for making us feel so welcome.  If you're ever in Palm City Florida, please do go visit this church, you will be so blessed. Even if Steve is that guy who wears socks with his sandals. :o) (it's true, and I have pics to prove it).
EDITED 08/24/12: Today, nearly 3 months later someone named "Anonymous" left this comment: 

"So, did you meet Casey Anthony while you were there? Is that who E is? Enquiring minds want to know..."

My reply:  No, I did not meet Casey while I was there but if I had, I wouldn't have blogged about it anyway, as I realize there are all kinds of gossip-mongers out there who apparently have nothing better to do than to sit in seriously uninformed judgement over a case they genuinely know VERY little about, contrary to what they think they know, via the moronic mainstream media).  For the record, "E" is a brilliantly talented young male, musical artist who was a joy to meet & converse with.  

I'd like to thank all our friends and family who commented, liked and enjoyed the pics we posted along the way on FB.  It was a lot of fun to share those with all of you and your well wishes and excitement for us made it even more fun!

I want to thank our grand daughter Hailey for coming out to take care of our cats while we were gone.  Oh, and I want to thank her parents Jessica and Joost for driving her out to do that. :o)

I have to thank Len (my father-in-law) and Sue (his partner) for being fantastic hosts as always, taking us to the beach, the slough, and out to dinner at Parrot Key.  If you're ever in Fort Myers Beach, do not miss this place!  Fabulous food, incredible atmosphere and excellent service.

I need to thank my sister-in-law Kim for taking care of our insane beagle Tulip while we were away.  She's a tad neurotic (the dog, not Kim) but she did well under Kim's care, even if she did hate the city life and that whole harness/leash thing.  Kev and the kids skyped with her while we were in Ft. Myers and everyone enjoyed that.

There are so many more people I thought of to thank while we were driving home but now it all seems like a huge happy blur.  It was quite possibly the most busy, fun, whopping vacation I've ever had.  If I never get to do anything like that again, the memories will last a lifetime, for certain.