Sunday, March 4, 2012

Status Update: March 2012

Most of the monthly status report was actually sitting in my draft folder for weeks and never made it to the blog for February.  I have no idea where the time goes or how I used to find time to blog every single day, sometimes more than once a day!  I guess that was before twitter, FB, and working nearly full time in design.  In any event here we go, with new stuff for March:

Sitting… in my kitchen, see?  Pots and pans on the wall there on one side behind me, and fridge on the other side.  I would have preferred to be on my way home from church this morning as I wrote this part, but being a Midnight Shift Wife prevents me from doing that.

Wishing… sometimes I had a magic wand that I could wave over people (or pop them in the head with it, depending on their level of need) that would help people understand things that they don't understand.  But I don't have a magic wand, all I have are words.  Which brings me to my next thought - why does the Bee Gees song "It's Only Words" pop into my head all the time?  I mean, I liked the Bee Gees and that's a nice song and everything but for some weird reason, that song tends to pop into my head when I haven't even heard it and wasn't even thinking about it.

Feeling… frustrated after reading all the Rush/Fluke hoopla.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll link you HERE and let you read that before I go on.  Okay, you read all that, right?  Good.  Now here's the frustrated part:

I think both Fluke and Rush are in the wrong, with qualifiers of course.  On the one hand, why in the world should free birth control be provided to women who choose to engage in recreational sex? Seriously?  Do the words responsibility and accountability and common sense mean nothing anymore? On the other hand, Rush went WAY OVER THE TOP with his comments saying if "we" have to pay for BC then we want something for our money, i.e., videos showing proof. Good grief buddy, NO, we don't want that at all.  Granted, he did apologize but the barn door is already open and there's all sorts of fallout.  Everyone knows you can't push a bullet back into a gun after it's been fired. Everyone also knows that the dictionary definition of a woman who engages in recreational sex (not to mention the Biblical definition which matters more than any dictionary) is a ________.  Use whatever word you like, none of them are flattering.

Reading… a bit more in the Christian blogging community lately and really enjoying it.  I'm still a horrible comment-leaver (meaning I tend toward not leaving a comment when I've read something) but it doesn't mean I'm not grateful and thankful for the information, insight and wisdom that Christian bloggers are still providing.

Thinking… that there is something magically soothing about a tumbling dryer.  I know that sounds silly but for most of us it's a sound we've heard our whole lives, like a heartbeat.  Sometimes when the dryer is running, just for a flash of a second I have a memory of being a little kid in my kitchen and hearing the dryer running on the inside back porch.

Also thinking… how weird it is that I haven't made authentic, deep fried chimichangas in probably more than 15 years.  I'm thinking about this because I plan to make those for dinner tomorrow night, complete with all-day-slow-cooked seasoned beef and refried beans & guacamole with a layer of shredded cheese and a sprinkling of toasted, slivered almonds.  YUM!  The funny thing is, when I took out my Mexican cookbook I found a page marker with a chimichanga seasoning list on one side of the paper, and on the other side of the paper was some notes in my own handwriting that made no sense at all, at first.  The notes say "2-3, 2 coming down, stop on stair - bounce on turtles w/out stopping".  I had to read that several times before it hit me what it was.  It's a strategy note I wrote for the kids when Super Mario Bros. was hugely popular for the Nintendo back in 1992.  Sometimes I'd play it during the day when they were at school :o) and discover things that they had missed, so I'd write them down.  That was 20 years ago!

Heading… out to the store now, as I just realized I'm out of coffee cream.  Ugh, I'll have to find some other things to pick up since going to the store for 1 thing, especially when I'm on zombie midnight shift is completely unacceptable.

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