Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's Up

One of the things I've sort of settled on as a kind of New Year's Resolution (which isn't, really, but that seems like a good enough thing to call it) is to get back to blogging a bit more. I've missed it and even if only 2 people are reading, I guess that's okay :o) So today's post is more along the lines of one of my monthly status reports because there are a bunch of things rumbling around in my head right now. So here we go:  

Thankful for... God's amazing mercy on my family. Last Friday my 93 year old grandma had what they call a mini-stroke (bleeding in her brain) and was taken to the ER unable to speak coherently, control her movements, etc. By Sunday evening mentions of hospice/pallative care were being discussed and chances of recovery were extremely small. However, yesterday some time gma decided she wasn't quite done with this family and she suddenly woke up, became responsive, asked questions and began responding well to sensitivity tests (visual, hearing, muscle control, etc.). The nurse updating me was so excited to tell me the good news and included "it is really nothing short of a miracle, everyone here is just completely amazed!" Now, gma is 93 and she's lived a really full life. None of us are under any illusion that she's going to stick around for another 20 years (although some of us secretly think she's going to outlive us all and it'll be her great-great-grandkids having this same conversation 30 years from now) so even if God is pleased to keep her here another few days, or weeks or months, that's pretty merciful of Him to do that. I'm 2500 miles away and it's been really hard for me keeping updated via long distance, but I know it's even harder for those there. Even still, God is astoundingly merciful.

Wondering... "what husbands think is the most valuable character trait in a wife".  I use quotes there because that's what my friend Kim tweeted a couple of days ago and I thought it was a brilliant question.  A question that wives should ask their husbands and husbands should ask their wives, in return.Not just ask, but prayerfully consider the answer and honestly ask themselves if they're living out that character trait that their spouses find most valuable.

So, I did that today and Kev's answer was, after thinking about it for a few minutes, understanding.  Now we both agreed that there would be a lot of different answers from men, depending on the health of their marriage, personal cicumstances, etc.  He explained that from understanding comes compassion, attentiveness and other good things that go into a strong marriage.  On the flip side, the first thing that came to my mind as the most valuable character trait in a husband was integrity.  I am curious though what other husband and wives would say is the most valuable trait to them.

  Happy about... the print quality and the merch quality of all the products I've ordered from zazzle in the last month.  I took advantage of some really great sales over the holidays and I've started some product reviews on the store blog that you can read here. I'm not just a designer that sells zazzle products, I'm a diehard zazzle customer too - they're THAT awesome!

I found this handsome super-model wandering across my deck today in one of my designs, and he happily agreed to pose for me for the product review I blogged today.  It was pretty handy the way that worked out.

Wondering... if everyone is slowly going insane.  In my readings lately I'm learning about John Piper and lectio divina, so-called pastors using sex as a hook to get attention and draw people in (oh yeah, and sell books, lest we forget that part), and more and more nonsense and controversial junk everywhere I look.  To be honest, my first thoughts when I read some of this stuff are along the lines of "what are you, completely stupid?"  I'm afraid the answer might be yes.  It seems discernment, tact, propriety, timing, common sense and sound doctrine are just totally out the window and it's anything goes, jump on the modern culture bandwagon and throw caution to the wind.  Well, that's just plain stupid. Yep, I said it.  Outloud, too.

Hopeful... for my mom's upcoming hip replacement surgery on Friday.  She had the other one done 18 months ago and it never healed the way it should have but her new doctor seems to think with both tires rotated (even if one still off kilter a little) she'll regain a much better alignment and her new hip will sort of compensate for the other one.  I sure hope that's the case and would ask those reading to keep my mom (and the rest of my family) in your prayers.  It's been a really tough week in my world and we could sure all use some peace of heart and peace of mind.