Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Status Report - January 2012

Sitting...at the kitchen table on my laptop that my fabulously wonderful husband Kevin bought for me last Christmas. :o)  It's still one of the most awesome and useful things anyone has ever bought for me.

Drinking...coffee with french vanilla cream

Listening to... the sounds of the washer and dryer both running and the space heater next to me blowing warm air into the room

Getting... anxious for normal routines to resume. Kev goes back to work today but the kids are still off for another 5 days.  Kev and I were just talking about that the other day, and both agreed that as much as we don't always like the details of normal routines, it's the routine itself that helps us keep it together.  We did manage to get the house back in order and get all the Christmasy things tucked away however.

Hoping... this isn't going to be one of those winters they're still talking about 30 years from now.  I think I've mentioned that before in a recent status update but it's a valid hope so it gets a repeat performance. Also hoping that Kev's illness isn't worse today, since he was pretty stuffied up and miserable yesterday.

Thinking... about a book review I read this morning that made me cringe.  Without naming the book or the authors suffice it to say it was a review on a book written to and for married couples on the subject of physical intimacy.  I haven't read the book itself (and have no plans to) but the review was fair, balanced and honest (even appreciative at times).  So why did it make me cringe?  It seems we live in a time where nothing, and I mean nothing is out of bounds, private or too personal to share with a book audience or 82 bazillion people on the internet.  I'm not sure where this mindset came from but I come from the generation where private things are private and personal things stay personal.  So, this culture's open and public mindset completely clashes with the one I have and grew up with.  Some will call me prudish or victorian or one of those other obnoxious insults for thinking the way I think but that's the way it is for most of my generation (the ones not trying way too hard to be hip and relevant and all that, anyway).

Making... plans for our Florida vacation this spring.  We're all so excited to go and see things we've never seen, do things we've never done and meet some great friends we've only been able to correspond with online for years, but never met in person.  Lord willing, it'll be a super-fantastic awesome and memorable trip. By the way, am I the only one who always types 'Floriday' first and then has to backspace to correct that?

Realizing... that not only do I not have the readership here I once did, but the length of this post is probably 20 miles too long for most folks these days anyway.  We're in the tweet-generation now where 140 characters seems to be the most information folks want to take in at once.  In some ways this is good, but in other ways it's kind of disturbing and makes me wonder how that affects our thinking and reasoning and conversation skills.  I suspect I'm not the only over-40 dinosaur that has had these thoughts.

That's about all I have for today! I wish you all an amazingly blessed and joyous 2012.

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