Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just Stop It

I've thought about this post for a few months now and I still can't figure out how to write it. I considered an "open letter" of sorts but even that has proven frustrating since I really can't decide how to best address it.  I even researched it a couple of months ago and actually found numerous articles and blog posts about it where even far less conservative people than me were having a hard time addressing it.  Here are some of the examples I thought might work:

"Dear Sleezy Woman on Twitter"
"Dear Social Media Whore"
"Dear Exploited Woman Who Doesn't Know Better"
"Dear Wicked Woman Who Does Know Better"

See? I'm stuck.  The reason I'm stuck is because I can't discern the difference. From where I sit they all look the same.  Same sleezy profile pics, same general bio, usually followed by a link that if your computer is not secured tightly by trash controls, will splash a horrific image of pure trash onto your screen. The women I'm referring to are the women on twitter who randomly follow all sorts of men (and a handful of women too, I suppose) for the sole purpose of spamming their porn garbage to men.  Old men, young men, married men, Christian men, musician men, athletic men, they don't seem to care who they are or what they're about, they just spam, spam spam.

Part of me feels sorry for them, aches for the fact that they're being exploited (or exploiting themselves) for profit, for the fact they they think it's a good thing, that they might not know any other way to earn a living or that they are being abused in such vile, disgusting, personal ways.  Another part of me detests them in extreme ways.  Detests them for the industry they represent that destroys marriages, families and children, detests them for knowing what they're doing and not caring who it hurts.  People who do that, men or women, people who knowingly and willingly and with a smile on their face - hurt people - those people just freak me out and should not be allowed to walk free.  In fact, prisons are full of people who hurt others while enjoying themselves, this is just a different shade of it.

Part of me wants to talk to them and help them get out of such a wicked lifestyle, while another part of me wants to slap them and ask "how DARE you willingly be a part of something that has been documented time and time again to destroy lives?"

The tricky part about all of this I suppose is not really knowing which of them are in it for themselves, which are in it under duress, which of them don't really realize what they're doing, which of them know full well what they're doing, etc.

I fully confess... I have no earthly idea how low a woman must have to sink her emotional, spiritual and psychological health to resort to being a prostitute, so I don't understand how to address a woman like that, or if anything I'd even have to say would help, or hurt.  I certainly don't want to hurt them (except for the ones that know exactly how devastating pornography is to society, relationships, families, churches, husbands, wives, kids, grand kids, etc. and do it anyway either for the money or some other reason - those I do want to slap, and if that makes me a horrible person then I guess I'm a horrible person). Thankfully there are smarter people than me who do minister and counsel women like this, because I would be a very poor choice for this kind of counsel.

More than anything what I want to say to them is simply, stop it.  Stop posting links to men, stop following other women's husbands and boyfriends and fathers and brothers and sons, stop whoring yourself out for profit and stop believing whatever lie someone told you that got you into it in the first place.  Stop letting men use you and abuse you and have some dignity and self respect.

I know, if it were that easy the porn industry would be dead tomorrow.  Still, I want them to stop it.  I want them to remember when they were little girls and the innocence they had, and the dreams and hopes they had and realize that they don't have to be, or do, what they're doing.

Yes, I just want them to stop it, for the sake of marriages and families and for their own sake as well as the sake of society in general that is literally slithering down the toilet as a result of this industry, I want them to stop it.