Saturday, January 28, 2012

Help Us Win!!

So... here in Canoodia there's a coffee shop called Tim Hortons. Not everyone knows about Tim Hortons, but essentially they mix magic and happy and delicious with coffee and put it in your cup. It's our all time favorite place to get coffee, and we go there a lot. It's sorta like Starbucks, except way better and they don't charge 400 dollars for a cup of coffee.

 The reason I'm telling you about Timmies, is because they recently introduced new cup sizes and they're having a contest to promote them. The contest is... submit a photo showing off the new sizes, get all your friends to vote and the top photo submissions are judged and the winner gets FREE coffee for a whole year!   It's a great prize and Kev and I need to win it!!

 So here's how you can help: We've both submitted a pic. Here's mine:

It's called Party in a Cup - showing the new cups are so huge you and all your friends can share! :o)  

Now here's Kev's:

Kev's is called O Carry Me showing how the cups are so big now, you don't walk down the street carrying your coffee, it now carries you! (and yes, that IS Kevin being carried by the new mega-cup) :o)

I know, they're both silly but they're fun and we want to win this contest.  So if you love us (you do, right?) you'll go to the Tim Horton's page on FB, you'll "like" the app, then you'll click on the "view and vote" link to go see our entries and vote for them!  It's that easy, and the most votes get us into the top 10 to win the contest.

So, that's all there is to it.  Please go vote so we can win, it'll be fun!

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe