Thursday, October 20, 2011

TDS Day 8: Busy Busy Busy

Even though I missed posting yesterday, I didn't actually forget to post and mess up my Twenty-one Days of Something, I just got real busy.   See, I have a routine during the week and it goes something like this at the start of every weekday:

• Up between 5-6am
• Consume obscene amount of coffee between 5 and 7:30am
• Make sure the kids are fed, clothed, combed, brushed, lunched and out the door between 7:25 and 8pm
• Wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen
• Fold a load of laundry and get more going (it never ends)
• Decide what's for dinner & get it started
• Straighten up the game room & vacuum
• Eat a granola bar or banana with one hand while doing a variety of the above with the other hand

By the time this is all done it's usally around 9am.  Then I sit down with more coffee (what, you thought I was done with coffee?) and get to work (assuming I don't have errands to run) and that's how my days begin.  Somewhere in there I'll check email, respond to comments, read the news & check my tweetstream. If I don't have errands to run, once I start working I tend to lose track of time until around 2-ish when I lay down on the couch for a neck-rest for about 30-45 minutes.  After that, it's more coffee (yep, more coffee), more work, get dinner ready, wash more dishes, fold more laundry, get more laundry going, get kids bathed/showered, prayer time then off to bed for them and more work for me until around 10-11ish.  I can usually shove a few more things in there too, depending on the day and if hubby is off that day or not.

Lately my creative brain has shifted into Christmas mode and here's a few things I finished yesterday:

I also did a quickie fun shirt because... well because it was funny and I love funny stuff:

So that's what I was busy with yesterday that prevented me from blogging. Today I'm working on some pretty, premium photocards. You can see the whole collection here, but here's the last one I finished:

So now, it's back to work for me! :o) Have a super fabulous Thursday!

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