Saturday, October 15, 2011

TDS Day 4: A Little Bit of Stuff About Stuff

Truth be told, I have no idea who's even reading this old blog to see if I'm keeping up with my Twenty-one Days of Something (besides my mom and my friend Kim, I know they're both reading!) but I'm determined to blog the entire 21 days regardless. I was going to do an October Status report today but time got away from me and I decided to put that off another day. It was a really busy and hectic day today, so here's a mini-status report:

Eating... a raspberry poptart. I know they're no good for me, but it's been ages since I had one so I'm having one.

Listening to... the wind and rain. Boo, fall is here and it's cold today. I think the high was 45, and I thinks it's now around 20 below, or something.

Planning... lunch with Kim, and we're going to eat terrible things that are both yummy and no good for us. Okay I am, she might not.

Hoping... to not wake up with a splitting headache again tomorrow so I can go to church. We ordered our new bed just in time, before the old one kills us both. Between my neck pain and Kev's back pain, our bed is like sleeping on a torture rack. We even had a sleep diagnostic thingy done before we selected our new bed. That was pretty cool. It essentially said "your current bed is killing you, get a new one, and sleep normal for a change" after measuring over 200 pressure points in our bodies.

Working on... a fun new line of funny bumperstickers. I know, you're thinking "bumper stickers? those are so tacky!" Or, maybe you're not thinking that, I dunno. If there is one thing that will break up the frustration of being stuck in traffic is seeing a funny bumpersticker on the car ahead of you, or in the next lane. We're all too grumpy and grouchy all the time, we need to smile more and have some fun. This one made the kids laugh... but they all confessed they really couldn't see it. You can't either, can you?

Well, that's about all I've got for now. ;-)

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