Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Bed That Ate Ontario

Well, I guess I blew the Twenty-one days of something streak. I made to to 10 days with only missing a couple of days but then... I just got real busy and kept meaning to post, and never made it. It's funny how it used to be unthinkable that a day would go by without posting (often times, more than one post a day) but over the last little while I've found so many other things to keep me busy that blogging really did take a back seat. I still love blogging (and probably always will) but I just stay so busy with other things.

So, what have I been up to this week that's kept me away from writing? Let's see, earlier this week there was my oldest daughter having knee surgery and me spending time with her. Then, our new bed was delivered and we had to make room for that & rearrange things. Now, allow me to vent just a little bit here about being careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Several years ago Kev's dad had a cottage with a king sized bed.  I'd never seen one in real life before, and I remember the first time getting on it I felt like a little kid.  It was HUGE!  You could have picnics on that bed, maybe even a volley ball game.  Kev and I both wished back then (and since) that we could have a bed that size.  Well, after saving up for a while we finally got our wish and purchased a king sized bed.  It's wonderful, it's huge, it's the perfect blend of soft and firm and all that good stuff.  However, the one thing neither Kev or I realized would happen is, it's like moving to a foreign country with a foreign culture.  It's in a new location in the bedroom, it has brand new sheets, brand new comforter, brand new pillows and brand new pillow cases.  And, it's HUGE.  Volley ball court, huge.  Both of us are so accustomed to our little bed with our aging, familiar bedding that after three nights in this volley ball court we've realized why we're not sleeping as well as we thought we would.  First of all, it's in a different location in the room so that's new and something to get used to.  Secondly, all the bedding is brand new and we're not used to that either, even though it's great bedding. 

Third, and maybe most sappy and whatnot, is that we're 20 miles apart on the bed when we're sleeping and it almost feels like we're not even in the same bed.  As much as we didn't like it, we had been forced to get used to being sort of cramped in our old bed.  No matter how far apart we'd scoot, we could still touch each other with very little effort.  Now? If we both scoot to the edge of the bed we can't touch each other at all.  Not to mention, the mattress is one of those state of the art deals where if he moves I'll never even feel it on my side of the bed.  I think he could stand on the bed and do jumping jacks (with a few friends) and I'd never know it.  All that is supposed to give the other person a more restful sleep but what it really does is make you feel like you're all alone in the bed.  Some folks might prefer that, but for us it feels really weird.

So, we've decided the solution to getting used to this new bed is intentionally falling asleep closer to the middle of the bed where we can still touch each other.  Then, if during the night we both wander to opposite sides of the volley ball court then so be it.  We tried that last night and we both slept a bit better than the first two nights, so I think we're on to something here.

Now you're probably wondering why I shared all that here with you.  It's simple really, it's because I have never ever heard of anyone getting a new, bigger bed and having this problem.  I find it a little hard to believe we're the only ones who've ever had this problem so it's just a warning of sorts for those considering a larger bed.  I would also suggest if possible keeping your familiar pillows or at the very least pillow cases.  I've put our old pillows back on the bed today and plan to use mine tonight, even though we have brand new fantastic pillows.  For me personally I think it was all just too much "new-ness" all at once.

Other than that, it really is a great bed.  When I sit on the edge of it my feet dangle about 6 inches above the floor, just like a little kid.  When you sit on it, you can feel the magic foam stuff forming around you.  It's crazy, but it's super comfortable.  I suspect sooner or later we'll get used to it, but it's kind of ironic how you can hate something so much (our old bed, which we called the Torture Chamber) but be so used to it, having something better feels all wrong.

I think there might even be a lesson in there somewhere.

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