Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 21: Broken Spirits, Hearts and Lives

"Harold Camping prepares for judgement day" "May 21st Judgement Day - the Bible Guarantees It!"

Those are just a couple of the headlines you'll see if you search for Harold Camping and news about his prophecy of May 21, 2011 as being judgement day. Right now, there is no shortage of headlines on Harold Camping, unfortunately. You'd really have to be living in a cave to have NOT heard of him.

Nearly a year and a half ago I felt compelled to write about his nonsense here at this blog and I've noticed a rather significant amount of traffic to the site from folks searching for "why May 21st is false".  While I certainly appreciate any visitors to this blog, on this topic I'd very much encourage you to read something else instead.

My friend Dr. James White has written (and podcasted) a good deal on this subject from a sound, rational Christian perspective.  He goes into far more detail on this subject than I ever did, and if you're someone genuinely searching for what REAL Christians believe about this, I would strongly recommend you read the material on it, and listen to the podcasts about it HERE at Dr. White's blog.

In closing, I can tell you my heart goes out to those who are following Harold Camping and genuinely believe his mathematical gibberish. I cannot even begin to imagine how despondent and disillusioned they will be when the rapture they're waiting for does not happen and they're left facing reality. From all I have read, nearly all of them have made NO plans to be here after May 21. They will be left jobless, homeless, penniless and spiritually devastated. Some are even planning to euthanize their pets the day prior. How they will pick up their lives and move on I cannot even fathom, after such a blow to the very core of their (misplaced) faith.

Christians, I ask you to pray hard for these people and their children. For God's incredible mercy on them, more than anything else. They're going to need Him more than they ever have in their lives, come May 22.

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe