Friday, February 18, 2011

Reflections zazzle Giveaway!


I mentioned this on twitter earlier today so here's the scoop:

I'm going to have a giveaway at Reflections zazzle and YOU could win!

You see, I'm about the replace the old family desk with a newer, space-saving model and set up for the family a brand new computer on the brand new desk. It occured to me today however, that they can't have a brand new computer and brand new desk without a brand new mousepad to go with it. No, the old, worn out, dirty, ugly mousepad will not have a home on the new desk.

So they need a new one, and for that matter so do I. So, where else would I shop for new mousepads than my very own store that carries nearly 300 of them? Exactly!

Here's where YOU winning comes in:

a.) scroll through the mousepads and tweet me a link (@carlarolfe) to the one you'd pick for the family (example: "I'd get this one for the family mousepad")

b.) tweet me a link to a SECOND mousepad that you think I should get for ME (example: "Carla, you should get this mousepad")

You now have TWO chances to win! Kev and I will choose from the links tweeted by the end of the day next Friday 2/25, and if we pick the link you tweeted, you win!

PRIZE: One mousepad of your choice from my store! (unless of course you're the lucky duck that suggested BOTH of the mousepads that we picked, then you win TWO new mousepads) Yay, a free mousepad!! If you select a personalized mousepad you'll have to give me all the juicy details so I can personalize it before I ship it off to you.

Conditions: Contest is limited to US and Canadian residents only. You MUST tweet the links to me to be considered as your entry into the contest. Two entries per person only. If I discover you tweeted more from a secondary account, I'll send a herd of hungry fleas to your house instead of a mousepad. Contest entries accepted until 6pm eastern time, Friday 2/25. Winners will be notified via twitter after the contest closes.

That's it. Oh, and while you're window shopping for us be sure to make a note of the one(s) you want when you win!

Entries will be accepted beginning... now. Go!


After some deliberation (and emails from those of you who do not use twitter) I've decided to expand the entry rules for the giveaway. Yay!

You may either tweet the links of your entries, or post them on my store's FB wall, here: (Be sure to preface the FB comment with "For the giveaway").

So there ya go - you can either tweet your entries or post them to my FB store page. Winner(s) will be notified by either twitter or FB, depending on where the winner posted the winning link(s).

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