Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts, Cabin Fever and Assorted Piles of Junk

Okay time for another miscellanous type post:

To the average Joe, it may appear as though I've given up on blogging on a regular basis. Well, that is not entirely accurate. I've just switched gears a bit and I've been blogging here on an entirely different theme. I'd like it very much if you'd swing by over there and say hello :o)

Today is Valentine's Day and half the folks love it, the other half hate it, and the other half couldn't care less one way or the other. Yes, that's 150%. I realize that. I tossed in an extra 50% because if most of us are honest I think we might admit we fall into at least two of those categories at the same time. For me personally, Valentine's Day is a reminder of how dreadfully romantic we can be when we're young, without really thinking things through. I was married to my first husband on Valentine's Day because we were both young, sappy, silly, goofy in love and thought it would be a fantastic idea. Well, it was for a while but after he passed away almost 16 years ago, this holiday is just a difficult, annual reminder of why we should never pick Valentine's Day for our wedding day. Today would have been our 25th wedding anniversary, but obviously the Lord had other plans for both of us.

I'll go through the day trying not to think about it much and for the most part I will be successful, but it is what it is and there isn't anything I can do to change it. However, those discounted chocolates in heart shaped boxes do tend to bring smiles to the faces of the kids, so I might have to pick some of those up.

I really thought after the kids started going to public school that the clutter and mess around here would decrease a considerable amount. I have no idea why I thought that, because it really hasn't turned out that way at all! Just last night I sifted through a pile of papers on my side desk (mostly stuff the kids bring home from school for me to see or sign) and I couldn't believe how much junk was actually there. A pile to save, a pile to sign, a pile to trash. Most junk, some important, some sentimental stuff the kids made in class. I think if I ever suddenly disappear, the first place to look might be under a stack of papers.

Have I mentioned recently just how much I hate winter? Oh, well in that case... I hate winter. It wasn't always this way at all. I remember as a kid hearing my grandparents lament over the coming winter and snow like it was the most vile thing in the world and I used to think "wow, how can ANYONE hate snow!?" To a kid, snow is like a super-awesome layer of white magic. The more you get, the more magic! It's only been over the last few years that I've come to understand why grown ups hate it. I really wish sometimes I could still see it through the eyes of a child but when my boots are soaked, the back door is sealed shut from wind driven drifts, the house is cold, and it takes 15 minutes to warm up the van, the magic has pretty much worn off. It's kind of sad, but that's the way it is. However... right now we're having a much welcome break in the dreadfully cold temps and last night I even opened the game room windows (just a tiny bit) to let a fresh, cool breeze drift through and let out the stale, yucky, winter air. It was incredibly refreshing, and makes me want spring/summer to get here right now!

Have you ever stopped to consider how many people you don't know? I'm reminded of it often when I hear a "celebrity" name and have no idea who that is. A singer, actor, or maybe a sports figure who is apparently popular and I have no idea who they are. It's not like I sit in my basement with a led cap on or anything, but for whatever reason I just don't know who these people are. For that matter, I don't even care. Of course the kids think it's funny when old people don't know who these celebrities are (I used to think it was funny too, I'm sure) but there are people in my life that I do know, and I think it's way more important to get to know them better. Being a better mom, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend is more important to me than keeping up with pop culture and the celebrity of the hour. I'm entirely okay with not knowing who the pop stars are. I'm sure they couldn't care less about not knowing who I am, either.

Well, that's all I have time for this round. Have a great day!

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