Thursday, February 3, 2011

Halls, Snow and The Rubberband Man and Weddings

Okay so here we go with some random stuff. Very random, I assure you.

Recently a friend announced his daughter's engagement and mentioned her wedding colors are black and red. I thought "whoa, black and red for a summer wedding?" The more I thought about it, the more cool it sounded. As I thought about that, I briefly thought about re-launching my wedding shop at zazzle knowing full well there are some outrageously, stupendously talented designers at zazzle already with huge wedding shops full of custom invitations, photo card announcements and everything else "wedding". Knowing full well this is a completely saturated market, I decided... yes, I'm going to do it. I have TONS of ideas for wedding goodies and just because there are already fine folks creating these items shouldn't stop me, right? Well, I went ahead and did it and the more I create the more ideas I get. I've been doing a LOT of reading on popular, trending wedding color themes and the more colors I see the more ideas I get. No wonder these wedding shops are huge, there are a bazillion possibilities! This save the date sticker shown here is one of my personal favorite color themes I just finished last night. Check out the Wedding Shop to see all the new goodies in store! (I'm loving the daisies, I could do a hundred different designs with JUST daisies!)


Did you know, that adult Canadians eat Halls lozenges the same way American children eat Lifesavers candies? It's true.

Did you know, I wear fleece jackets around the house (I have tons, they're everywhere) and at any time I can grab one and find a package of Halls in the pocket? It's true.


The Rubberband Man by the Spinners is one of my all time favorite songs in the whole world. I also know every word, and sing along every time I hear it on the radio.


I love watching snowblowers do their thing. Why? No idea. I want one.


I'm officially sick of winter, sick of snow, sick of being cold, and sick of trudging down to the basement all day/night long to feed the fire in the wood burning furnace. However, a funny thing happened to me the other day on the way to a warm house...

I went down there, knelt down and opened the furnace door as usual, when I heard a strange, fluttery-like sound. Before I even had a chance to give it half a thought, a BIRD flew out of the furnace right into my face. I screamed and fell over right on my hiney. Then I sat there on the dirty basement floor and laughed at how funny that must have looked. Poor little guy, he just wanted to get in out of the cold and warm his little feathers IN the fire, I guess. He seemed fine, flying around the basement. I opened the outside door and out he went. Prolly laughing at me for screaming and falling over. I admit, I do some pretty dumb things that even make me laugh. This was one of them.


Do you remember when you were younger and you had a question about something and there was always that one person you could go to and ask? Granted, not everyone could call my grandpa or just stop in with a random question, but I'm sure you had someone like that in your life, that just possessed a vast amount of wisdom? Well, I got to thinking the other day how that wise person has quite literally been replaced by google (or bing, or whatever search engine you use). No one needs to go ask the really smart person anything anymore, they just google it. While cool, and handy and helpful and all those great things, there's also something very sad, rather creepy and a little disturbing about that.

Okay, that's all the random stuff I've got for now. I'm sure I'll be back soon with more of the same. Oh and hey, if you know anyone getting married any time soon, send them my way for custom wedding paper goods! :o) (unless she's a Bridezilla, then... well, nevermind)

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