Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year - New Stuff - New Toys

Being it's the new year (Happy New Year everyone!) I thought I'd list a few great NEW things going on in Rolfeland, and with me specifically.

New Toys

I surely didn't like it that Kev had put in a TON of overtime in the last several months but he did it so he could spoil me rotten at Christmas. He went out after his last day at work before Christmas and before his 12 day vacation, and bought me a brand new laptop. When I opened it Christmas morning I saw the box but didn't believe that's what was inside. He assured me it was so I opened it just to make sure it wasn't socks or something. Those would have been the world's heaviest socks, if that would have been what was inside. Sure enough though, it was a shiney new laptop. I haven't really done anything with it yet aside from turn it on and charge the battery. It's just been so crazy and hectic around here since Christmas eve that I haven't had the time to play with it yet. I think that's coming tomorrow though! I'm so happy to finally have one, so when I want to go to my room or go outside and do my work, I can do that. Plus, when we go on vacation this coming summer, I can take it with me then too! I know, for you seasoned lappy users this is all old hat, but for me it's all new stuff.

More new stuff for me, is the Garmin GPS he also bought me. I have wanted one of those for so so so long, and now that I have one I'm like a kid in a candy store. I really wanted to choose a Scottish male voice, but they don't have one so I decided to go with Daniel, the British guy. I've taken it with me to go to places I already know how to get to, just to see how it all works. I loved it when Daniel told me to go straight, and I turned left and he assured me he was "recalculating". This little unit is so cool, it even has a huge directory of local services such as shopping, hospitals, police, etc. I know, again, for you long time owners of a GPS this is nothing new, but maybe you can remember how impressed you were when you first played with yours?

In the same category of New Toys is... the family gift we bought this year - the Kinect for xbox. Up until today I hadn't even touched it, and up until today I'd never even used the xbox that we've had for a few years now. I'm just not a game playing kind of person, so it never interested me. Until now!

On one of the games that we bought for it, they have demos for other games and one of them is called Dance Central. As soon as one of the kids played the demo several of us (me included) knew we were going to love it, and love the full version game. We don't have the full version yet but the things you can do on the demo are great practice for when you do get the full version. Once I saw this I decided it was time for this old fatty to learn how to turn on the machine, use the controllers and play this game. I had to have my 10 year old son show me how, and I think I've got it mostly figured out. Rachel and Ruth played this with me tonight for a while and then when they went to bed I practiced on my own for 45 minutes! Yay for old fat moms! Well, maybe not fat for long since this game is a very intense workout. I got my heart rate up, started sweating, and it was an absolute blast. I am SO going to feel this in my legs tomorrow, that's a definite. But I really really love it. The only downside is that at least with the demo you only get 2 song options. One is Lady Gaga and the other is some hip hop group. I didn't even listen to the hip hop one, I just danced to the Lady Gaga song. I know there are other dance games for the Kinect but this workout is intense so I'll stick with this one for now, even though it's definitely not my style of music. Who would have ever suspected I'd know all the words to Poker Face? Certainly not me.

The funniest thing about this is, once you're done dancing you can play back a short video clip of yourself that was taken during the routine. LOL... oh man, let me tell you a thing or five. I was once young, thin and a very good dancer. I watched the playback clip tonight and the first time I wasn't sure if I should laugh or start bawling my eyes out. Somewhere along the way from young, thin and talented I became and old fat white lady dancing like a an old fat white lady. I can't do a thing about the age, but I intend to change the rest. May those initial video clips of me playing this game suddenly and mysteriously be erased for all eternity, lol. (Oh, and after 45 minutes and about 7 repitions of the same song, I nailed every step and got 5 gold stars - on the easiest level of course).

Well, I had more NEW new stuff to write about but this post is already long enough. I'll add some more new stuff tomorrow.

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