Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Custom Work? Yes I do!

It's funny how sometimes a nice surprise shows up from a place you never expected. That happened to me recently when a lady contacted me and asked me to do a custom birthday invitation for her daughter.

She had seen this invitation in my store Reflections for a sweet sixteen party, and wondered if I could do some heavy editing on that and turn it into a mall scavenger hunt flyer. To be honest, my first thought was "hmmm". Only because I'd never even heard of a mall scavenger hunt, let alone what a mall scavenger hunt birthday party invitation might look like. I did what any resourceful person does and turned to my pal google to get a better idea/understanding of what these mall scavenger hunts are all about. First, I wish I could have one for my birthday and second, they look like a LOT of fun for girls of any age, really. I know that sounds funny to those who know me best and know how much I hate shopping. This is different though, this is sport/competition shopping, with prizes! :o) At any rate, I digress.

For several days and with multiple emails back and forth (let's use this font, move that up, change that color, slide that over, etc.) I finally had the perfect layout for the mall scavenger hunt birthday party flyer. But, it wasn't the first sample I'd sent this client. Initially I created one and sent her the sample but she had me make a lot of changes to that and by the time it was finished it looked quite a bit different than that first sample. For privacy reasons (her daughter's picture and name are on the actual product) I can't show you the finished work but this is very close to the way it looks.

Once it was finished, I looked at the initial sample I'd sent her and decided to heavily re-edit that one as well and offer it for sale at Birthday Sweeties. The ironic thing is, the changes I made were ones that the client had specifically asked for, for hers, and changes I would have not considered myself. In a very real way, working with this lady was a blessing to me as well since she gave me some ideas that were a bit new to me, and stretched my way of thinking on certain things. She was a very VERY picky client, and the thing about that is, it's the BEST kind of client to have. They really know what they do want, what they don't want, and how they want the layout to look. It's a lot easier to work with people like that than it is to work with someone who just isn't sure and would like to see several sample styles. Much more effecient to work with picky people! :o)

The really sweet added bonus is, without me ever mentioning it to the client, she found this redone mall scavenger hunt birthday invitation at Birthday Sweeties (she contacted me through my main store Reflections) and left a really nice comment there. I was quite surprised to see that when I logged into that account to leave a thank you message for a lady who just bought 20 of them for her own daughter!

So this custom design story has a really happy ending. They should all end this way!

If you have a special event coming that you'd like custom invitations for, please consider my collection at Reflections (all invitations) or my collection of invitations at Birthday Sweeties.

Whether it's a birthday, baby shower, sweet sixteen party, family reunion, graduation celebration, pool party, Christmas party, Thanksgiving dinner, St. Paddy's Day party, New Year's Eve event, Halloween party or just about any other event you've got planned, you're sure to find a great invitation template there you can personalize. If you see an invitation you like but would like further customized, I can do that too! Just contact me any time with your customization requests and I'd be happy to work with you to create the perfect, custom invitation to your upcoming event. I currently do not offer wedding/bridal shower invitations but be sure to check out the zazzle marketplace for a brilliant selection there.

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