Saturday, December 4, 2010

Service Review: DHL Express - minus 5 stars


This is a post in which I'm going to BLAST a wretched service, and it is entirely, 150% deserved. Just a warning.

Sometimes when you purchase a product or receive a service it's so good, you tell your friends about it and give it a glowing, 5 star recommendation. Likewise, when you purchase a product or receive a service that is rotten, lousy and worthless, you want to make sure your friends know that too, so they don't get ripped off or waste their time with such things.

I recently ordered a product online and I had 2 shipping options. Either UPS or DHL Express. I have found UPS to be hit and miss with their outrageous delivery fees (over and above the shipping I'd already paid for the purchase - sometimes they charge you, sometimes they don't, and I never could figure out why) so I decided to choose the DHL Express option. That was my first mistake.

The first attempt to deliver the package came on a day last week when I wasn't home. They left a notice on the door of the delivery attempt with clear instructions that if you wanted to accept responsibility for the package to sign the notice, put it back on your door in the exact same place and the second attempt would be made the next day. That is exactly what I did, even though I was home all the next day. I waited, and waited, and no one ever showed up.

I wait until about 6:30 pm and then I took the notice off the door and called the number to inquire about my package. The CS guy said it was noted that a delivery attempt was made at 12:01 pm. Total lie. I was in my kitchen at 12:01 pm and no one ever came to the door. Even if they did and I didn't hear them (which is next to impossible since when I'm home alone the tv, radio, everything is off and it's very very quiet in my house) the delivery guy would have seen the notice stuck there WITH my signature on it. He would have taken that, left the package and that would be the end of it.

So the CS guy on the phone says I have to drive an hour to the closest office to pick it up myself. No, I tell him, I was home, no one showed up and I expect them to deliver my package as they said they would. He agrees and reschedules the delivery and GUARANTEES it will be delivered within 24-48 hours. I tell him, I have the notice ON THE DOOR, can you guarantee they will see the notice, see my signature and leave the package? YES, he assures me, I guarantee it will be delivered and you will not have to drive to our local office to pick it up. This was Thursday night.

I had tons of errands to run Friday and left the house at about 10:30. I returned home around 1 and noticed the delivery notice was still on the door and NO package. I let it slide and figure okay, they did say 24-48 hours. The day goes by and no package. They still have one more day of GUARANTEED delivery.

Today we left the house at 11:45 and returned home at 4:30 and there was the notice, still attached to the door. Nearly ballistic at this point (I know, it's just a package but it's an important one and I hate to be jerked around like this), I login to their website and enter the tracking number. It shows a 3rd delivery attempt on Friday at 10:17 am. Friday, the day I was sitting in my game room until 10:30. Even after I left, Kev was still here for another hour before he left to run his errands. So once again they LIED like a rug and said a delivery attempt was made when it never happened.

Honestly, I don't know what the big deal is unless they have some new guy driving and he has no idea he's supposed to leave the package and take the notice with my signature. Regardless, I'm going to call them again Monday morning and make an effort to get this stupid mess cleared up. They expect me to pay $20 bucks for their delivery service. I expect them to waive the fee since they can't seem to honor their own guarantees.

You may have used DHL express and never had an issue with them. I hope that's the case and this is a one time sorta thing. Either way, I certainly cannot and will not recommend them and I will NEVER choose them as a shipping option again. I'll update and let you know if they do the right thing and waive their delivery fee since they jerked me around so much on this and didn't honor their own guarantee.

UPDATE #1: I spoke with another CS guy at 8:30 this morning and he confirmed the "attempted delivery" for Friday was incorrect. He couldn't explain why the tracking info shows this but he did say it was not even attempted on Friday. He also couldn't explain why it wasn't delivered Thursday.

He told me I need to check the tracking page online and when I see that it's been marked as "with delivery courier" this means it's been scanned and loaded on the truck, and I need to call them back so they can call the driver and make sure he delivers it today. I honestly have no idea if they expect all their customers to do this, but it seems to me this is their job, not mine. But, I do want my package so I will check it and call them back when I see the status change today. He said it should be on the truck by 10am.

UPDATE #2: Still no package or notice on the site that the package had been placed on the courrier truck by 2:30 so I call and new CS lady tells me there's been a delay due to the weather. She assures me the package will be delivered tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the company I ordered it from responded (with apologies) to my email about all this that included a link to this post and offered to send out a replacement package if it doesn't arrive tomorrow. I may have to take them up on that the way things are going.

UPDATE #3: DHL's tracking on their website showed my package with the courrier at 9:53 am on 12/7. I didn't bother to call to make sure the driver actually delivered it because I'm sick and frankly, it's THEIR job, to do their job, not mine. Package arrived here at 4:50pm. Even though I had the signed release on the door I went to the door just to be sure it was delivered.

So, buyer beware. If you ever have the opportunity to choose DHL express as your shipping method, be prepared for a possibility of a very unreliable service. I certainly will not ever use this company again. Oh, and they would not waive the processing fee, despite the fact that they guaranteed delivery and violated their own guarantees.

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