Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Some Stuff

It's really amazing to me how many blog posts I write each week that never actually make it to the blog. Of course, I only write them in my head while I'm driving, or folding laundry, or buying groceries, so it makes sense I guess why no one ever gets a chance to read them. I'm not sure where the time goes but before I know it the day is over and another post didn't get posted.

Here's a bit of a wrap up of the posts you never saw this week:

• What do you do when you're going along having a really great day and someone comes to you with the worst, ugliest, most hurtful accusations you could possibly imagine? Well, you have loads of options. You can rant, rave, cry, yell, scream, or kick the dog. I don't suppose any of those are your best options, but they are options all the same. This happened to me this week and more than anything I think what surprised me was the difference in the way I responded as compared to how I might have responded even a year ago, or five years ago. I can only attribute this to the ongoing work of grace the Holy Spirit does in me and I can't express just how thankful I am that I am not the person I used to be. In the attempt to process the accusation and consider my response, little flashes here and there of the old me did pop up, but they were gone just as quickly. Oh, I never did kick the dog.

• If it's really December 3rd, why is my pool still outside? Where does the time go!? Is it really possible that tomorrow is the day we pack up all the kids and head to the Christmas tree farm, cut down our own tree, meet up in the barn/gift shop for hot cider and shortbread cookies, then off to daughter #1's house for lunch? Was it really a year ago already that we did this? What is that white stuff on my deck, anyway??

• Talking to a friend on the phone the other day the subject came around to either doing what you love (as a career) or just doing what you have to do to make ends meet. No question about it the vast majority of adults are not getting up every day excited to get to work because they're doing what they love. I am I suppose in the extreme minority because not only do I get up every day excited about getting to work because I do what I love, but I also work from home (often in my pajamas, it's true) plus I have the added benefit of this being a job that I don't have to do, but want to do. Here's a recent example of why I love what I do:
I created these little cuties the other day and I loved them as soon as the first set was done. One little tux ornament and one little wedding gown ornament were not enough so I had to play with colors and make more, and then make more after that. Then of course I had to make little bridesmaid dress ornaments to match the wedding party colors. I'm still toying with the idea of mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses. They're so fun to make! You can see the full line of Tux and Gown wedding ornaments here.


• I have a super exciting fantastic wonderful surprise coming for Kev and the kids for Christmas and so far I've only been able to tell one person, and not online because they're all online too and they might see it! I remember the days when I could blog or FB a surprise plan I was hatching and it was safe to do that because none of my family would see. Those days are long gone, and sometimes I have to catch myself from saying something that might ruin my own surprises since I never know which of them is reading my blog or FB or twitter! What strikes me as funny about all this is, it wasn't all that long ago that none of my family were online users except for me. Now it seems it's abnormal if you're not online, not plugged in and not networked to the gills. Weird how fast things change, isn't it?

I had more to say but time got away from me once again and now I must go make breakfast and lunches and shoo the kids out the door for the bus.

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