Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cinnamon What?? (and other random goodies)

Well look at that, another week has gone by and I didn't blog again. Well, time to remedy that with a post of rambling this 'n that. None of what I'm about to say comes in any particular order, however:

Kitty Doc

Meet Kitty Doc :o) Some of you may remember the fun little story of the litter of kittens being born just as the Dividing Line was starting last spring on a Tuesday afternoon. Since the first kitten born was born at exactly the time I was to be listening to the show, I named him Doc. Turned out however, Doc is a girl, so she's officially Kitty Doc, but we just call her Doc. I tried really hard to have her pose pretty for me to show off what a looker she is, but she just thought it was play time.


Oh So Cute!

I've created quite a few Baby's First Christmas ceramic ornaments for my store, but here's one I did not create that I really wanted to show off here.

I absolutely love this ornament! It's one I wish I would have designed, but it's designed by yet another of the brilliantly talented designers at zazzle. The front view of the ornament is this crazy cute design, and the back view is customizable for you to add your own text. The designer's shop is called MouseArte Designs and she's got some pretty incredible things in store over there. You should pay her a visit.


Oh So Ironic!

Today was a lesson in irony in more ways than one. The forecast was jumping around all over the place from light flurries to heavy snow and squalls. They finally settled on squalls for the day but since it wasn't doing anything I decided to be brave and try to get out there and finish my Christmas shopping. Half way into town I ran into a squall (see lake affect snow) but it didn't last too long. I got much of my shopping done, found some really incredible deals and was feeling pretty good about things. Sounds good, right? Heh.

(this was taken yesterday, but the bottom right corner is the wicked area I describe below and we have A LOT more snow today than we did here)

So I drive home without incident, the roads are fine, wet in a few places, snow covered in a few places but otherwise fine. I turn into my laneway, come down to the house and turn into my driveway and... get stuck in a snowdrift. I put it in reverse, nothing. Back in drive, nothing. Over and over I try and... nothing. I just sat there and laughed. If you're going to get stuck in a snowdrift, I highly recommend doing it no further than 25 feet from your back door. Oh, and I did finally get the van out of the drift.


Oh So Great Savings!

Today a friend told me he thought it was kind of funny how much I've been tweeting about recent sales at zazzle. It's true, I have been tweeting A LOT of sales notices, and I'm not the least bit ashamed to admit it and here's why:

Money doesn't grow on trees and when you're about to make a purchase for Christmas or a birthday or any other gift giving event, you want the best deal possible, right? Me too! If there's one thing that drives me nuts, is buying something at full price (or even sale price) and then the next day or shortly thereafter see it on sale for way less than what I paid. That seems to happen to me a lot, and it's just maddening. For the last several weeks, zazzle has had some simply incredible sales for Christmas shopping and I want to make sure YOU (and my twitter followers and FB friends) know about those deals so you can save some $$.

Just how great are these deals? Well, the guy who bought the Flag of Scotland iPhone case today (normally $42.95) for $12.95 because he saw the tweet and grabbed the coupon code will quite likely confirm that saving 30 bucks on a great product was a pretty sweet deal. The ladies who made the bulk purchases of personalized New Orleans Football Jersey ornaments and the cute Cheerleader ornaments also probably enjoyed the FREE shipping as well. I know I would have if it were me buying.

So yes, I will continue to tweet/FB the great sales when they come along and you can be sure they're worth paying attention to. That is, if you love to save money. Just in case you missed them, here are the super amazing sales going on until 12/20 only:

• $20.00 off sterling silver plated necklaces! Use coupon code NEWPRODSZAZZ at checkout (ends 12/20 at 11:59 PM PT)

• $10.00 off premium silver ornaments! Use coupon code NEWPRODSZAZZ at checkout (ends 12/20 at 11:59 PM PT)

• $30.00 off iPhone or iPad cases! Use coupon code NEWPRODSZAZZ at checkout (ends 12/20 at 11:59 PM PT) (if you're in the market for a new iPad or iPhone case, you will just NOT find a better deal than this - these are high quality Speck hardshell cases!)

FREE shipping on orders over $50 (US addresses only) until 12/31. Use coupon code FREESHIPFORU at checkout:


Oh So Cinnamony Yumm!

While I was out and about being a SuperMom today (no, I didn't wear my cape, I was being super mom in my parka, and while blowing my nose and pretending I'm not still sick as a dog), I stopped in at the bulk food store to grab some required Christmas baking items. While there I found two things that I was so happy to see. First, I found Celestial Seasonings tea. That's a big deal, since grocery stores here do not carry it and I'd given up drinking tea because I couldn't find my favorite. Turns out, the bulk food store has always carried it! Oh happy tea day.

The other super wonderful fantastic discovery was learning they also carry cinnamon chocolate chips. Yes, I said cinnamon. If you're a cinnamon fanatic like I am, there is just nothing in this world as incredible as cinnamon fudge at Christmastime. I'd quit making it years ago because the one store on the planet (or so I thought) that used to carry cinnamon chocolate chips closed down, and I couldn't find them anyplace at all. Until... today! So, I had to buy 3 or 4 pounds of them :o) The manager said they just recently got them in, and they've been selling like mad. No kidding Mr. Manager, they're like little pieces of happy magic!

And, that is all. Tomorrow is yet another shopping day (Lord willing) and I hope to be finally done by Friday so that I can start my Christmas baking. Oh how I LOVE Christmas!

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