Monday, November 22, 2010

Jesus is NOT Cool

Earlier today I said I had a blog post to write but that I was too angry at stupid people, to write it. Angry wasn't the correct word. Stupid probably wasn't the best choice either. At the time however, that was the best I could come up with.

What caused such a reaction, you wonder? Well, it was nothing more than a bumpersticker. A really stupid (there's that word again), lame, cheesy bumpersticker that only contained three words: Jesus Is Cool. Harmless enough, yet it got under my skin even more than lame, cheesy, embarassing church signs do.

See, there are a lot of things in this world that are in fact cool. Now while your cool criteria and mine may differ, some of the things that fall under the cool category:

• Finding a ten dollar bill in the pocket of your winter coat
• An adult dog snuggling with a small kitten
• rapidly advancing technology that allows you to stay in touch when it matters
• A perfectly restored (inside and out) 1964 Chevy stepside truck

To me, those things are cool. Jesus however, Jesus the Christ, our Saviour and Redeemer, the perfect Lamb of God, the One who bore our sin on the cross to satisfy the wrath of God, the One who suffered more than anyone ever has or ever could, that man Jesus is also the same One who spoke the stars into creation and holds our very lives in His hand. He IS God in the flesh and that very fact should cause our hearts to skip a beat in our chests and cause us to feel breathless at the very idea that the same God who created all of nature and all of time is the very same God who saw fit to draw me and you to the cross, change our hearts, give us new eyes to see with, new hope to believe with and eternal life, with Him. To say that Jesus is "cool" is such an incredibly ignorant, irreverant thing to say. It robs Him of the high and holy honor He is due!

No, Jesus is not cool, He is not my buddy, or my homeboy, or a dude, or any of those other stupid, casual, irreverant things people say these days in an effort to get unbelievers to "like" Christianity with their version of some kind of seeker-friendly-esque packaging.

Any time I hear these things, I always wonder to myself if the person saying it or writing it, even knows Him at all.

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe