Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It Will Snow FOREVER!

Some of you regular readers are as old (or older) than me and might remember the theme song to the sitcom Cheers, that talks about how sometimes you just want to go where every body knows your name. I think that likely rings true for most people, myself included.

Tonight in the coolest chat channel on the planet, someone who shall remain nameless (but his first name starts with a J and ends with an AMES WHITE) asked when I was going to post my "it will be snowing forever so I am depressed" blog post when I told him we have snow in the forecast. It may be "just" a chat channel but the folks there know me as well as anyone, and it's my favorite place to just relax and fellowship online with likeminded nutcases believers.

Yep, we do indeed have snow in the forecast but I'm not going to whine and snivel and murmur about it. Trying really hard to turn over a new leaf, or snow shovel, as it were. Besides, "murmuring" sounds like a disease or something and I don't want to be a murmurer.


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