Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blitzen Deals are Coming!

As my regular readers know, zazzle is one of my fantastic fulfillment partners for all things wonderfully fun such as t-shirts, stationery, Christmas ornaments and lots more. Well, beginning at midnight on Thanksgiving, the greatest sales on the greatest stuff anywhere online will begin rolling out for the entire weekend. Zazzle is calling them Blitzen Deals, and here's all the details you wont want to miss:

The biggest set of deals on Zazzle is coming soon! Blitzen is the fastest reindeer on this side of the North Pole! To kick off your holiday shopping, he’s got five whole days of crazy deals at zazzle. Starting at midnight on Black Friday, Zazzle will be offering exclusive deals for only two hours at a time. Just set your alarms for your favorite deals and get the biggest savings of the year.

Order custom gifts for the holidays, or stock on up your favorite designs for up to 75% off. We hope you’re ready for a shopping marathon because Blitzen deals will keep coming all day long until Tuesday – that’s 120 hours of back-to-back deals! Avoid the crowds and the cold this year, and get all of your holiday gifts online at Zazzle.

Here are Black Friday’s scheduled sales on zazzle:

• 12:01 AM – Half Off All Zazzle Mugs
• 2:01 AM – $10 Off All Zazzle Avery Binders
• 4:01 AM – 75% Off Harry Potter T-Shirts
• 6:01 AM – 70% Off Zazzle Holiday Cards and Invites
• 8:01 AM – 50% Off Zazzle Ornaments
• 10:01 AM – $20 Off Zazzle iPhone & iPad Cases
• 12:01 PM – 75% Off Zazzle Business Cards
• 2:01 PM – 65% Off All Zazzle Posters
• 4:01 PM – $8.80 Off $0.44 Zazzle Postage Sheets
• 6:01 PM – Half Off All Zazzle T-Shirts
• 8:01 PM* – Friday’s Favorite Deal Repeat
• 10:01 PM* – Friday’s Favorite Deal Repeat

*From 8 PM to Midnight, Zazzle will be repeating the two most popular deals of the day!

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe