Friday, October 29, 2010

Holiday Fun

You know, it's funny. It happens every year and every year we all talk about it like it's the first time it's ever happened before. What I am referring to is the commercialization of Christmas, and how retailers can't get that Halloween stuff off the shelves fast enough to begin displaying all the Christmas goodies. All the traditional favorites such as candles and wreaths and lights to those must-have items you can't live without such as Christmas moose shoelaces, jingle bell dog food dishes and toilet paper with Christmas trees on it. Okay I made that last one up, but if there is a store locally selling it, I'm totally buying it this year.

I keep wondering how long it will be before they're clearing the summer seasonal stuff out in July to put up Halloween stuff, so they can clear that out in August and put out Christmas stuff. Wait, I just re-read what I wrote and realized, it's already happening. Try buying a bathing suit in August in a store like WalMart. FAIL, because they've already cleared them all out for school stuff which will be long gone before school even starts, only to be replaced with Halloween stuff. This is why I like those quaint little stand-alone shops that are exclusively Christmas stores, year round. I like knowing I can go any time of year and the aisles aren't cluttered with boxes of stock, there's no sense of urgency with the staff, and it's just a nice, feel-good shop. While I love Christmas and all the goodies that go along with it, I don't really like going into a store when the aisles are cluttered and the staff is nearly breaking their necks to get the displays up.

I was doing some shopping today for a birthday party my 11 year old is going to and I ran into this kind of busy, cluttered Christmas scene. And it's not even Halloween yet! Madness I tell you, simply madness. (Although I did manage to get the softest, cutest teddy bear on the planet, in the Christmas aisle).

One of the benefits of online shopping of course, is that you never run into that kind of thing. Online shopping was made for people just like me. People who really don't like shopping to begin with, people who dislike crowded stores, people who have an unhealthy attachment to wearing comfy-pants all day long, and people who like to take their time and just browse at their leisure, instead of feeling like they have to grab the last whatever, before someone else does. One of the fun benefits to having an online shop is that I can stock it with whatever I want, whenever I want. And I never leave boxes in the aisles!

When it was crazy hot and sticky humid in the summer, I started designing fun Christmas stuff, complete with snowflakes to make me feel cooler. Quite often by the last part of winter, I'm busy designing pretty summery things and beach gear. Folks in Australia (who enter summer the same time we enter winter) are probably wondering what hemisphere I'm really in.

I've been in "holiday mode" in design for a while now, because it's just so much fun to design for. It's pretty, it's sparkly, it's whimsical and magical and it's all very warm and fuzzy, no matter what time of year it is. I confess, I thoroughly dig warm, fuzzy and magical.

Today I finished two new designs I'd like to share with you:

While I'm more of a "stay at home, stay off the roads, watch a fantastic old or new movie" New Year's Eve person, I love to create these kind of custom invitations for the big, wonderful, fantastical types of celebrations. To be honest, if I received one of these in the mail, I might even consider attending to see if the event was as fun as the invitation.

If you're hosting a super fun New Year's Eve gathering this year (or know someone who is), let me help you make it wonderfully memorable beginning with these custom invitations! Whether it's a small dinner party for the adults, a big, crazy church youth group outing complete with fireworks in the park, or whatever your plan is, I have a fun selection of New Year's Eve invitations in store. I even have a fun party invitation for a KIDS New Year's Eve party (perfect for parents, community groups, churches or schools).

Now is a good time to begin planning for the busy holiday season, so I just wanted to share my newest New Year's Eve party invitations with you. Plus, I really love the way they turned out and I wanted to sorta show them off. :o)

Happy HallowThanksNewChristGivingMasYearWeen!
(I prefer to selectively celebrate one at a time, but I'm just going to cover all the bases here).

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe