Sunday, September 12, 2010

Status Report

I have a million things on my mind so a status report seemed in order.

Drinking... coffee, with a generous helping of cafe mocha cream. It's my favorite.

Finishing... the laundry. I have a lot of kids, and that means a lot of laundry. If I manage to get ahead of it so that there isn't a mountain of clean, unfolded laundry on the guest bed in the laundry room, I feel quite victorious. If I can manage to get it all sorted, washed, dried and folded, then I'm just Super Mom. I have 2 more loads to fold and I'm there.

Reading... honestly? The Home Depot home renovation magazine. Seriously. I found some wonderful ideas for shelves & bins that I hope to put into place for use in several rooms. I'm not only on a cleaning frenzy these days but also an organization frenzy. It feels SO good to have things where they belong again and actually know where they are when you go to look for them.

Loving... the fact that this is the second day I've been able to go all day without any kind of advil, tylenol or anything else for my knee pain. After 2 weeks it seems the damage I did to my knees while running is at about 98% healed. They still throb or twinge now and again but nothing at all like they were for a while there. I've taken two very short walks in the last 2 days and tomorrow (Lord willing of course) I plan to get on my bike and begin cycling for my morning workout. It's hard adopting new routines but I really miss my daily workouts, so I'm really looking forward to this.

Thinking... about how easy it is to begin to feel a sense of spiritual starvation when you've been away from church for too long. Oh I know full well how some will insist they're just fine with the Lord without being in church, but I have to say I'm not one of those people. I need that fellowship, that togetherness. I need to hear the word preached, have my heart convicted and my anxieties calmed. I need to join with the saints and sing songs of praise to my God. I need those things and I've been missing them for a zillion and one reasons. Illness, lack of sleep (I've resigned to the fact I will never get used to Kev being on midnights - I've tried desperately to keep my own routine and schedule and I have failed miserably), being down to one vehicle, being out of town, having family in from out of town, etc., so on and so forth. I sure want my "going to church on Sunday" routine back.

Pondering... along the same lines, why so many people call themselves Christians when they're not and they know it. Not singling anyone out at all here but it's one of those things that frustrates me. Someone once told me that the hardest people to share the gospel with are the ones who already think they're Christians, and aren't. These are people who say they believe in God and the Bible so they think that makes them a Christian. Yet, you ask them the simplest of questions about the person and the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and they can't answer you, because they truly know nothing (or next to nothing) about Him. They say they're Christians, yet when pressed admit they know very little about the Bible, don't strive to live a holy life that pleases God, and will often make excuses for the way they do live. That's not Christianity.

Remaining... determined to get this last 30 pounds of pregnancy lard off my body. Yes it's been 7 years since I was last pregnant, and that's how long I've been frustrated that this last 30 will not go away.

Fighting... the temptation every day to just give in, be fat, and learn how to somehow be okay with it. I'm totally not okay with it since my clothes never look right or feel right and that's the part I hate the most. It really is a daily thing to say "get your shoes on, get up, get moving" when after 7 years I still have this weight. If you'd like to volunteer to be in my person cheering section, please feel free to do so. Thank you to those of you who already are, you know who you are and your messages and encouragement are making a HUGE difference.

Considering... how blessed I am. Yesterday I had almost all of my kids and their tribes here for a birthday for Jordan and it always makes me feel happy when my kids are in one place where I can see them all. It's funny but our mama kitty often reminds me of myself. She has a new litter of kittens and she's fine as long as they are all in the box with her. As soon as they're big enough to move around and start tumbling and playing around the room, she starts meowing and acting anxious to have them all right there next to her. In a sense, I'm the same way. I know they grow up and move out and build their own lives, but when they all come home (even for the afternoon) I'm blessed. If I could purr, I would.

Surprised... by how even though it's been 9 years, I still cannot watch any kind of 9/11 memorial or documentary without crying. I wasn't there, and I didn't personally know anyone who was, but I remember so clearly getting that phone call that said "turn on your tv, now" and turning it on to see the most surreal, horrifying, breaking news report. We got that call just after the first plane hit, and no one really knew for certain what was happening. We watched non-stop for the next several hours, through tears and through prayer and through absolute unbelief. My heart goes out to every loved one that lost someone that day, and in the days and months that came after. I wish I could hug every one of them and somehow make them feel better.

Humbled... by an honor that to many wouldn't really seem like that big of a deal. A few days ago I was notified that has me featured on their main homepage as a "featured proseller". If you go there and scroll down you'll see reflections06 listed there on the right hand side. That's me! A lot of people think that all I do is make novelty shirts, and they laugh those off. Well, I do create those (and I like it) but I create a lot more than just those. Zazzle has a huge range of products you can design for and I absolutely love designing for many of those things. My favorite lately is Christmas photocards, personalized stationery and Sweet Sixteen party invitations (with matching US postage). I love having a place like zazzle where I can put my creations and it's always a pretty incredible feeling when someone buys my work. For many many years the income from this went to paying for homeschooling books and supplies. Now that we're no longer homeschooling, we're using that source of income to completely pay off our last credit card so that we can be 100% debt free. The way it sits right now, if the Lord is pleased to bless this venture for another 27 months at least, we will meet that goal. That's a great feeling, and being recognized by zazzle as a "featured proseller" is a pretty great feeling as well.

And with that... I have some new ideas in mind for the store, so I will end this here and get to it.

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