Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Friday Ramblings

I have lots of things on my mind so here's just a little of it:

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to listen to a really great debate on the topic "Is the New Testament Evil" between Dr. James White and Mr. David Silverman. My readers already know who James is, but for those who do not know David Silverman is the vice president of American Atheists Inc. The one and the same organization founded by the infamous American atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

I really don't understand atheists. Their entire world view doesn't make any sense to me, since they must borrow from the Christian worldview to define who/what they are not. What I found sort of ironic is that the word "evil" can even be used at all by an atheist. Since good and evil are firmly rooted in righteousness and wickedness, how can someone who believes we're all just a bunch of soul-less bags of goo... even lay claim to the word evil? Soul-less bags of goo can't be good or evil, they just are. Truth be told, I don't believe real atheists exist. I think anyone who claims to be one knows somewhere deep in their heart that they are in fact created in the image of God. I think they hate that fact so much that over time they've seared their own conscience because they simply cannot stand the truth and rebel against the idea of being held accountable to a holy and righteous God. What a truly frightening place to be in, when one steps out of this life and into eternity.

I'm not sure when the audio/video of this debate will be made available for purchase at, but when it is I would highly recommend getting a copy for yourself. From the Christian perspective it was a really really good example of how to answer the questions an atheist will ask and the claims they make.


Summer is almost over and in just a few days the kids go back to school (for those who live in school districts where kids return the Tuesday after Labor Day, that is). We've had a super fantastic wonderful summer here, and tonight we're going to celebrate with smores over the barbeque.

I finished off my school shopping yesterday and the one thing I noticed while looking for pants for Ruth is the popularity of skinny jeans. I detest skinny jeans. I know I'm not wearing them, but I detest seeing them on little kids (or big kids, for that matter). I really really really hate that the apparel industry borrows what's "hot" from the teen/young adult trends and works it into fashions for toddlers and children. It's just plain stupid. With that said, I did manage to find some really cute pants for Ruth that were definitely not skinny, and she loves them.

Even though she's entering second grade, this is my first year sending my "baby" off to school and it's both weird and exciting (for us both) and we're anxious about the new school year, in a good way.


I posted this on FB earlier today but I have to share it here too. You know that magical time at night, really really late at night when you're up way later than you should be, and everything is suddenly way funnier than it should be and makes you laugh like a nutter until your cheeks hurt? Well, that's what time it was last night when I read the following from @gublernation on twitter. In case you don't know (and likely don't) @gublernation is Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. Yes, I follow him on twitter. He's very funny, and here's proof:

"Why are rappers always getting busted with guns? If I were a rapper i would carry laffy taffy, expensive marbles, and a small harmonica"

Not only is it still funny at 9am when the magical giggling hour is long gone, but apparently others thought so too, since that was retweeted over 100 times since he posted it. I dig funny people.


Remember the old commercials for the cleaning product where this mystical white tornado flew through the house and left it sparkling clean? Yeah... well that's not me. I'm more of a slow moving unstable hit-and-miss storm system. I've been on a cleaning frenzy and I cannot tell you how great it feels to clear out the clutter. This week I tackled the girl's dressers, toy closet and toy box and ended that project with 9 bags of garbage (yes, 9, and yes, real garbage bags) and 2 bags of clothes for Goodwill. For the first time in 8 years, their closet floor (huge, walk-in cedar closet) has nothing on it but 2 little chairs. Of course there are still about 200 stuffed animals in a Stuffed Animal Mountain in the loft to decide what to do with, but at least the closet is clean. My project to begin today is Samuel's room. Everything is coming out and I'm cleaning from the floor up. I may not finish it today, but tomorrow at the latest. It's pouring down rain today so it's a really good time to turn on the radio and get some serious cleaning done!


Other things keeping me busy this week? DESIGN! Lots and lots of new stuff in several shops this week:

• Fun new Christmas address labels at Reflections Family Friendly Gifts
• This great new evangelistic style shirt at Reflections Christian Gifts
Autumn themed, cowboys and cowgirls custom birthday party invitations at Birthday Sweeties
• Great new selections in Team Apologian
• Last but not least, a great new stand alone shop for Mylo Hatzenbuhler, The Original Rock and Roll Farmboy! Be sure to check that out and get your very own, original, authentic Mylo Gear today (so you can be as cool as Mylo).

And now... I am off to eat a piece of toast, and then begin my cleaning spree for the day as the rain continues to come down in buckets. We really needed this rain too, even though I prefer hot & sunny.

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