Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bloggers Without Makeup

I'm fairly certain I've written on this subject before. After 6+ years of blogging it's almost a given that I have, but today I'm going to write about it again.

I really used to like Over the years though it's turned into celebrity central and is almost always filled with celebrity headlines. Who's getting married, divorced, having an affair, spotted with their children, seen without makeup, then & now, etc. so forth and so on. Headline after headline of useless, trivial, unimportant information that they want you and I to consider "news". Recently I clicked on one of their Then & Now slideshows, and one of their Stars Without Makeup slideshows. I wanted to know, what makes this news? Why should I look at this?

What I found rather interesting was that over and over again the captions on the pictures of "now" and "without" makeup were rather demeaning and insulting. See, these are glamorous movie stars and pop stars and models, so they're apparently supposed to look pretty and polished 24 hours a day. I guess. I guess if you're a celebrity you're not allowed to be human.

More than anything, what I found was that these celebrities in the "now" pictures and in the without makeup pictures looked... almost... normal. They looked like anyone you'd see at the grocery store, or walking their dog at the park. The ones who have aged, looked the way they're supposed to look for their age. Well, the exception there would be the women who have had so much cosmetic surgery done that they just look frightened, and frightening. The sad irony of aging women who get this kind of surgical procedure done in desperate hopes of hanging on to a youthful appearance, is that they just end up looking like the Joker from Batman. Big, fat lips that make them look like they've been stung by a swarm of bees, and eyebrow arches so unnaturally high they have this perpetually scared look about them. Most of the others though just looked normal. Drooping eyelids, crows feet, jowels, wrinkles and all. The way elderly people are supposed to look!

The same goes for many of the stars without makeup. Many of them apparently take pretty good care of their skin because they look healthy, and have a natural beauty about their faces. In many of the pictures of the stars with their makeup, they just look so fake and it actually takes away from how naturally pretty they are.

The headlines and the captions on these pictures send a very clear message:


To which I say, pffffffft! Not only is it perfectly okay to look normal, it's perfectly ridiculous to go out of your way every day of your life to look fake. Now I'm not anti-makeup or anything like that, but to put so much emphasis on making sure your war paint is perfectly applied every single day to cover up your real look, is just freakish to me.

The vast majority of the time I don't wear any makeup at all, and I've been like this for many years. For me it was just a personal decision. One day it occured to me what a huge waste of time and money it was to have and use foundation, liner, lipstick, blush, eye shadow and all that sort of thing every single day when all I was doing was dishes, laundry, teaching the kids and maybe running to the grocery store. In fact, (and this is just my opinion of course) it looks far more bizarre to me to see a woman at the store all dolled up, than it ever does to see one looking fresh faced and... normal.

Now don't get me wrong, I do like to get prettied-up just like most women do. I like to paint my nails and try a new shade of lipstick, and put some make up on now and then if I'm going someplace special. In a way I guess I see it the same way as either wearing high heels or sensible flats when you're running errands, or for men wearing a 3 piece suit or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt when taking the car into the garage. I think there's a time and a place for getting pretty and a time and a place for being without the glam. The message that our culture likes to push though, that's it's not okay to look natural, really gets on my last nerve. Especially considering the vast majority of us couldn't look as glamorous and polished as these celebs with all the makeup in the world. That is not the natural look most people have.

That's fake, and to me, being fake is not okay.

(This post was brough to you without makeup, and in my pajamas.)

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