Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Thankful Thursday

Not too long ago I mentioned on twitter or facebook (I honestly don't recall which) that I'd love to have a graphic tablet. With what I do in design, I thought it would be a more natural feel for me to use a "pen" when I want to draw something instead of using a mouse. In fact, drawing is something I just don't do with the mouse since it's so unnatural for me.

Not long after I mentioned my desire to have such a toy, someone responded and essentially said "I have one, I don't need it, it's yours if you want it". I meant to blog about this sooner but I've just been so airheaded that I overlooked it. In any case, it was sent, I received it and just started using it today. It's SO cool I can't even begin to explain how cool it is. It's going to take me a bit to get used to using it and learning all the features, but I am just so thankful to that reader who donated the tablet to me.

I hope to use it for a new design very soon, as soon as I'm more comfortable with it.

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe