Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh Kitty

Black Kitty Halloween Party Invitations
In Christian circles you will often hear about accountability.  I find this to be a very good and very helpful thing.  It's very easy to settle into the mindset of being a Lone Ranger type and not needing anyone's help, input, advice or even support.

What I have done from day 1 when I create a new design for sale, I take accountability with me into that field as well.  The way it works is pretty simple.  When I'm done with a new design, I call Kev and the kids to have a look at it for their input.  I strive to keep my designs family friendly, so I need to make sure my weird sense of humor never crosses the line and is actually family friendly.  My own family is my quality control panel that keeps me in line! I thank the Lord for them.

Recently when I created this fun party invitation I did what I always do and called them all over.  The kids all smiled and gave me their approval but Kevin had a little more to say about it.  I'll paraphrase:

"Now see, if I was a kid, and someone gave me that party invitation, I would want to go JUST to see that cat at the party.  He's a fine looking cat and he's obviously REALLY happy so apparently great things are happening at this party.  I'm definitely going!"

So there you have it.  Another design passed the Family Friendly Quality Control panel of experts. You can see the full line of fun Halloween Party invitations and other goodies, right here.
Graphic design by Carla Rolfe