Monday, August 30, 2010

It's a Mom Thing

I Love My Mom MugI don't know how long ago it was, but many many years ago my oldest daughter wanted to get me something special for Mother's Day. That afternoon she presented me with this mug, and it's been my favorite coffee mug ever since. Practically every single day I use it for my morning coffee, it's held my tea when I was on a tea kick for many years, and every winter when I have my hot cocoa with the kids, this is the mug I use. It's just the cutest mug, and it came from someone I love with all my heart so it means the world to me.

Well... sort of. See, this isn't really the same mug at all. The mug I mentioned above, the one I got for Mother's Day so many years ago? It sadly met it's end the other day, on a slippery counter top with soapy-wet hands. After so many years of faithful service, the mug finally me the business end of the floor and ended up in pieces. As silly as it sounds, yes, I almost cried. However, Kevin rescued the pieces for me and suggested I recreate the design on a brand new mug. Of course that's not the same as it being the mug, but I thought it was really good idea. Instead of copying the old design exactly, I made quite a few changes and came up with a new design with the same basic design elements... heart, flowers, lines, and childlike handwriting. It may not be the same exact mug but it's really close and soon it will be in my kitchen to replace the first one, and hopefully to be around for many many years to come. Truthfully I created this just for me, but it would make a perfect gift for any Mom. She would certainly treasure it as much as I did mine.
You can order one here.

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