Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crafty Momstuff

This past June I surprised Kev with a family portait done of the kids. Before I gave it to him, I told him that we'd picked a day and they put on their cutest outfits and we went to the beach to have this portrait professionally done.

He was a little surprised about that since he had no idea we'd gone to the beach, but I told him it was on a day he was working and the kids had all been very good about keeping it a secret. He was very touched by that as he opened his gift, but imagine his surprise when he saw what was really inside. Granted, he doesn't really look very "surprised" here in this picture, but this was taken at the end of a really long day. Trust me, he absolutely loved it!

The kids and I conspired together to turn each of them into a Twiggy Tot just like the ones in my Birthday Sweeties store, and give that to him for Father's Day. They all giggled like crazy as each one of them were turned Twiggish, and the lady at the photo development place thought it was the cutest thing she'd seen in a very long time. This "professionally made" portrait is now hanging on our game room wall right above the tv.

I decided to use these twiggies today as I created a new set of Mommy Calling cards for myself. What in the world are Mommy Calling Cards, you wonder? Well, they're just awesome, that's what they are! Similar to business cards, these are great little contact cards with mom's contact info, and kid's names perfect for sharing with your kid's friend's parents, coaches, teachers, babysitters, etc. Instead of digging through your purse looking for a scrap of paper and an eyeliner or crayon to write with (or a real pen, if you're one of those moms who actually has a pen in her purse at all times), you can just pull out one of these super-cute little Mommy Calling cards and share it instead. Here's the one I did for myself today with my own kids (the ones still at home, anyway):

This is just a sample of course, since my name isn't Carol Rogers and it's been years since I lived in Ourtown (that entire section is all customizable, obviously). Once I finished creating the card it occured to me that other moms may love to have their kids Twiggied for their own cards. Personally, I'd love it if more moms had these, as the little scraps of paper with kid's friend's phone numbers are very easily lost! If the moms and dads of my kid's friends had these, they'd be right up on the bulletin board in the kitchen with all the other important stuff!

So today I began a new project and created what has already turned into a rather large line of brand new Twiggy Tots Mommy Calling cards. Boys, girls, curly hair, straight hair, blonde, brunette, babies and even twins! The more I created today the more fun it was, and the more I realized what a huge line this could be if I added every kid-combo (3 boys, 1 girl... 2 girls 1 boy?) to every card possibility. Instead of doing that, you may contact me here if you'd like a specific, custom Twiggy Tot gang of kids on a Mommy Calling card for yourself. Any custom Twiggies will be added to the catalog and I'll send you a direct link so that you can personalize the card with your own contact information.

With school starting up again in just a few weeks for many of us, and already back in session for many others, these are a great thing to have for exchanging contact info with other parents, teachers, etc. Every mom should have a set of these! :o)

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe