Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tickets Please - No Talking!

I'm not unlike a lot of people in that there is one thing that consistantly drives me up a wall. Movie Talkers. You know the kind (or maybe you are one?), there you are minding your own business trying really hard to watch a movie and follow the story, when someone in the room just starts talking and talking and talking... and talking. Either they've already seen it and are about to ruin it for you (those are the worst kind of Movie Talkers), or they don't like something about it or don't understand what's going on and so they either criticize or ask 8 million questions. The thing about Questioning Movie Talkers that is so... well, dumb, is that they know you haven't seen it yet either, yet there they are asking YOU, what's going on.  As if you're somehow supposed to know? Thankfully, I don't live with Movie Talkers.  Sometimes the kids do talk during a movie but not to the level that earns them the infamous title of Movie Talker.

Recently Kev and I watched four movies that we both found ourselves breaking the No Talking rule, ourselves.  The good part about that is, we both wanted to talk and ask questions and the movies were easily paused while this took place.  You know you've got a wonderfully challenging story that stretches your worldview (or your comfort zone, or general education overall) just a little bit when it causes you to hit the pause button and ask the person sitting next to you such questions as "so here's the thing, would you ever resort to cannibalism?"  or "was *Mandela totally into socialism or was he a decent guy, or what?" or "as horrifying as it would be, I can totally understand having to make that kind of decision".  One of the best kind of Movie Talking examples is at the very end of a movie where something is revealed that completely surprises you and you're saying outloud "you have GOT to be kidding me, now we have to watch that again and see if we pick that up!"

Although I won't tell you which questions were asked during which movies (although the Mandela question pretty much gives it away, and the rest you'll figure out after you watch them) the movies I'm referring to are The Book of Eli, Shutter Island, The Crazies and Invictus.  Yes, there is some language and some violence and otherwise "adult" content in these movies, but the stories are quite worthwhile to sit through, and may even cause you to hit the pause button yourself more than a few times. 

I find the older I get the more I enjoy movies that make you think, make you question, and even the ones that I'd never watch 10 or 15 years ago because they seemed dry or boring.  Sometimes what might seem dry or boring can turn out to be one of the best movies you've seen in a very long time.

*I confess to being the one who asked the question about Mandela.  I hate politics with a passion and apart from general info in the papers & nightly news, I've never really paid much attention to the man, or his politics.
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