Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The End of the World

I have opened a brand new store.

While I would certainly like millions of shoppers from around the world, I realize that the target audience for the new merchandise is a slim portion of the world's population.  Not everyone should shop at this store, and here's a short list of those people:

• those without a sense of humor
• those who take ancient pagan societies seriously
• those who are afraid of the dark
• those who are afraid of eyeballs
• Mayans
• Harold Camping

On the flipside however, those who should (and will, no doubt) shop at this store:

• those with a healthy sense of humor
• those who like black (and eyeballs)
• those are are fashion sensitive, even when the end of the world is imminent
• those who love to stand out in a crowd, spark conversations with off-the-wall t-shirt graphics, and use the opportunity to infuse a little reality into the world

Without further delay... welcome to the end of the world.


... and the reviews are coming in from the critics:

"should someone tweet this  - lol that's funny" - Jessica (19 yr old daughter, and avid t-shirt fan)
Okay so it's just one review, but it was a good one! :o)

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe